14 – NU BASICS – the start of a list


  • All leaders hold office at the pleasure of those with the power to depose them.
  • No leader has the power they think they have nor what followers expect them to have.
  • Humans have the propensity to range from Devil to Angel, and all between.
  •     We must always be diligent in curbing the negative and encouraging the positive.
    We cannot turn our eyes away for “evil” and its consequences just because we don’t want to  be “disturbed”.  Nor should we wallow in it.
  •     Beings are not evil, but their behavior can be evil.
  • “Conspiratorial Gangs” of which a “leader” may be a member do have limited agency – as systems.
  • Leaders (and everyone else) have agency, only within the limits of their enabling/constraining contexts.
  • Individuals are all unstable. At times they “go berserk” and seriously disrupt actions for which they were expected to perform as anticipated.  Very seldom are the consequences of “going berserk” positive.
  • The positive side of individual instability are innovative, intuitive insights potentially catalyzing (by attracting and involving others) in the emergence of “outside the box” activities and programs.
  • The asymmetry of destructive vs constructive is profound and should not be ignored.
  • All so-called “problems” that challenge humans are “illusionary artifacts” of incomplete, inconsistent, and often intentionally distorted contexts within which the “problems” are “framed”.  Change the frames and most problems disappear or reduce to doable projects.  However, changing frames is not easy, nor do we know enough about this.
  • There is no objective way to rank order multi-dimensional things; yet attempts are made at all levels.
  • Stable provision of basic needs for all cannot depend on a jobs/employment system.
  •     Job security blocks adequate flexibility to maintain sustainability in times of rapid change.
  •     Employment was an artifact of the Industrial/Capitalist Revolution, creating the frame – worker/consumer – for all but the elites.
  • Regulated markets are technologies, not ontologies.
  • Societies can have governance SUBSYSTEMS and/or governments as system COMPONENTS.  Maintaining this distinction is critical.
  • Societal systems are different ontologically than Material systems.  Using material systems metaphors for societal systems leads to great confusion. This metaphor distortion is also a tool for power manipulation by elites.
  •     Societal systems “exist” only in the mind/worlds of those who “believe” in them.
  •     The “evaporation” of the USSR should be the exemplar of this; but it is suppressed because elites need to maintain the myth of reality for their institutions of power.
  •     At most, a societal system “exists” as a set of semiotic structures used as a guide (not constraints) for the behavior of humans “in some way” related to the metaphor of a “societal system” they are part of.
  • CIVILIZATION is a temporary phase/era in the emergence of humankind (and “infoworlds”); it is essential (for whom ?) that humankind transcends civilization.
  •     Civilization is the default mode —
  •     Civilization suppresses the actualization of the human phenotype within the human genotype. No other species does this.
  • Everything isn’t connected to everything else, except in a useless tautological fantasy.  However, the potential linkages in networks is truly cosmic in potency.
  • All rights are earned or claimed, none ordained.
  • Unregulated “families” (both nuclear and extended) can be destructive and dangerous. The influence over the raising of children should not be limited to a few persons, especially if under stress.  Children are not property of their parents.
  • Humankind’s contemporary distribution of knowledge & competencies in the population and the gross inadequacy of the technological infrastructure meeting needs for Humankind to begin doing what needs doing (the infrastructure is great for making thing worse, but having fun at it) makes humankind unable to do what needs doing to survive/thrive our Crisis-of-Crises.  BUT, we have the ready potentials to learn what it takes to acquire the requisite knowledge and competencies (and identify what they are) and to concurrently create the infrastructure we need.  Just participating in this venture will be a major step to meeting our long term goal.  Once we are both competent and equipped, solving our problems will be a piece of cake.  Without those requisite competencies and infrastructure we will fail – not matter how much we devote time, energy and lives to it.
  • False or invalid information is important to maintain to provide conceptual contrast with the so-called true or valid or correct. The YW proof-process (as nuet comprends it) intentionally filters out all info other than what fits their narrow criteria. This sends up shivers of Vienna Circle’s “logical positivism” tyrannical censorship.  I am very sensitive to the impact of toxic ideas and dangers of ideological tyranny (exemplified historically and currently within Science).  Also, MUCH is learned about normal by study of abnormal deviation, and I personally have learned more about how humans function from my observations and explorations of warped functioning than of successful exemplars (few are perfect).