Old BIASES Uncovered re MLK & JFK

This is composed/posted on MLK Day, 01/15/2018.  Viewing/Listening to the urls, listed below, revealed some biases I had formed about MLK and JFK, in the years surrounding their assassinations.

The report on how JFK, at great risk to his election, literally saved the life of MLK, was new information for me. Many of the speeches by MLK are more relevant today because 1) their depth and strength is lacking in contemporary messages of the continuing challenge, and 2) the messages are, more critical today, with many populations unable to comprehend the messages – blocked by biases.

Remembering a true American hero



address_at_the_conclusion_of_selma_march : the-brutality-of-the-dying-order



I was very active, from Yale/New Haven, in most leftest movements, primarily anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights, that continued after my move to Minneapolis.  I was biased to be over-sensitive and not adequately critical of reported criticisms of both MLK and JFK.

Then, I accepted the invalid practice of judging/ranking complex/multi-dimensional entities (persons, nations, theories). Today, both MLK and JFK are described (by me) with long lists of both positive and negative traits and actions (relative to  different sets of criteria). These lists cannot, objectively, be reduced to a singular positive or negative summary judgement. This practice is in our DNA, having value in tribal times, but dangerous to apply today.

Every position of human judgement has subjective bias. Because I agreed with most of the progressive analysis, I blindly accepted some of their specific criticisms of MLK and JFK as “true”. The material accessed from here, pointed our that these criticisms were, themselves, biased and inaccurate.

Although I was on the March on Washington and was close to MLK when he gave his “I have a Dream” speech, many in our group from Yale were critical of MLK for “blocking more radical groups and being too conservative in tactics” when faced with oppression. The info here corrects this opinion. MLK’s strategies and tactics were far from conservative and he was being maligned by the more “radical” – which I accepted, uncritically. This is not to say that there isn’t a long list of, what we now would sort  as negative actions and traits of MLK. Also, both MLK and JFK adapted/evolved/emerged as a result of circumstances.

JFK is a more complex issue. I had read that he put racist judges on the bench, in the south.  I even re-wrote the lyrics of a many versed  folksong, in criticism of JFK and RFK. I was in Honolulu, for one night – in route to the Antarctic – on the eve of JFK’s election. The celebrations were intense, as it was Hawaii’s first presidential election as a state. For more than the next year, my news of the world was limited, due to my isolation. During the winter months, May – Sept, our major sources, were Voice of the Andes and Radio Moscow (from South America). I became more radicalized from the books and literature I took with me. Castro’s liberation of Cuba also occurred while I was On-the-Ice. It was only much later that I learned that the Bay of Pigs invasion was launched (by the CIA) over the objection of JFK, a major stimulus for his movement “left”. Norma Cousins was a mediator between Kennedy and Khrushchev, and the Cuban Missile Crisis was never as critical as the media reported. These actions by JFK lead to his assassination. I had turned, and was actually supportive of RFK for POTUS,  when he was assassinated.  The “systems” that organized the assassinations of MLK, JFK, RFK and the 9/11 Attack, continue to exist.

This discovery of my earlier biases reinforces my more recent paradigm shift: to diligently avoid ranking persons, nations, or theories. It is also consistent with my new paradigm for viewing each and every person as a private, inner wrld – which justifies their actions and beliefs – even when they are unable to achieve their objectives and blame their failures on objective oppositions. These two paradigms shifts, both from what was useful in tribal times, are most critical for humankind to transcend. This requires uplifting to new social reinforcements, because the propensities for these old practices are “wired-in” to our DNA.

The 8 decade emergence of nuet has witnessed a great many biases uncovered, and transcended. nuet may be “programmed” for this. Larry/nuet quickly & automatically intuits biases and blindspots in his assimilation of the “words” of others. These are not experienced as oppositional to Larry/nuets own views, but different. All experienced worldviews are partial, in relation to a larger, unconscious “context”. However, Larry’s attempt to share his insights about expanding cotext is usually taken as opposition to the presentation.

Larry/nuet’s experience is that most others attempt to warp/assimilate all information from others into their current worldview and paradigms. The psychological process complementary to assimilation, accommodation, is where Larry/nuet seems to excel.  nuet is primed to accommodate (modify context) to new input, instead of automatic assimilation (to old context).

This may be partly due to Larry’s lack of mental imagery in all sensory modalities and being on the Autism Spectrum. Can persons learn to accommodate more is an empirical challenge – and relative to their cognitive diversity. The whole of a future, viable Humanity will find value for all, in the distribution of relative assimilation/accommodation. What will be essential is: 1) that we accept our personal limitations, 2) respect different cognitive styles, 3) accept the gained personal agency in being a viable, essential component of a “greater system”, than being an autonomous “individual”.

CULT SILOS : Unstable Wrlds

[I am composing this raw into my blog. The insight occurred less than an hour ago, and continues to emerge. It may be highly significant in comprehending the weird behavior of many humans today. I am compelled to start now.  First draft took 3 hours composing. 01/13/18]

BACKGROUND: That we each/all LIVE in our own personally created, hallucinatory wrlds is now the accepted view of contemporary neuroscience.  What I have done is apply this knowledge to the future of humankind. Most of our scientific knowledge (of humans) is ignored and not applied to our ongoing behavior.

We tend to think of a person’s wrld as relatively stable, even resistant to significant change. Yet, there are example of “disturbed” persons whose wrlds seem to change “pathologically”. So-called “multiple-personality” is an example. Cults are an example were persons have their private wrlds “shifted” to a shared “wrld”, through restricted environments and “indoctrination”. The stability of a person’s wrld, under highly constrained or highly variable environments, may be far more variable that we have assumed. The distribution of stable-to-unstable wrlds, in the global population, may be radically changing, due to many factors.

There is a positive aspect to our inherited propensity to form “cults” or “intense cultures”. We might comprehend early human tribes as cult-silos. Those who didn’t fit in either left, were eliminated, or became shamans. This is also an underlying “force” behind teams, crews, and communities. What has been unresolved, over the rise of human civilizations, is how populations with different cultures and belief system can become components (cells) of a viable, humanity (organism). A propensity for this is not in our DNA.


Many of us “scratch-our-heads” or “roll-our-eyes” in disbelief over the 180 degree reversals of GOP persons, stated as if everything was normal. Explicit video recordings of contradictory statements appear to have no impact.  Trump is the exemplar of self-contradiction, yet his “stable genius” characterization is strongly defended.  The GOP leaders are often shown, in video, standing-in-line “behind-their-master”, as if in trances.

WHAT IF THIS IS ACTUALLY AS IT APPEARS?  The GOP  has become a bizarre cult; their erratic behavior breaking “established norms”. But, before we become self-righteous, we must examine if we (and many others) haven’t also become members of Cult Silos! Our new Information Technology may be a strong contributor to this phenomenon.

Yet, this trend seems strongest within “authoritarian” societies. Have you ever wondered how the Germans and Japanese could “all” become monsters bent on brutal conquest; then – after defeat – become “pacifists”?

Is the concept of  a “core self” (who we really are), a myth? There is a DNA determined brain structure, but they determine propensities as well as instincts. Western persons (I don’t know about the others) believe that they chose who they become, or are blocked in so becoming by others or circumstances. There is no scientific evidence for this claim. Indeed, our creative agency probably has little effect on who we become as adults.

At each decision-moment in our lives, we may have potential options, but our biological states at those moments-of-decision will determine what we do. In Stimulus/Response behavior, humans are highly deterministic. Our creative agency occurs during our spontaneous actions (not responses to stimuli), when our biological states may shift so as to be different (for subsequent decision-moments).

Those persons of high achievement, if their whole lives were analyzed in depth, it would probably demonstrate that it was the whole “social context” that led to the achievement. The magazine Fast Company highlights those who achieve with intention, which may appear to contradict my proposition that we don’t chose who we become. Query: what factors led these specific individuals to engage the societal process leading to “success” and what factors resulted in their “rising to the top”, in the competition.  Were they, as children, destined to succeed? Some inherited traits, such as aggressiveness, may contribute to “success in some systems”, but this doesn’t prove that their “free will” “choice to succeed” was the primary determinant.

I return to the local/immediate crisis we face with the Trump/GOP in the USA and similar development globally.

I propose that this radical “shifting” of silos-to-cults is the by-product ot the convergence of technological innovations.The rise of the Nazi Mindset has been attributed to the new innovation of public radio. History needs reassessment in terms of tech innovations. What changes were catalyzed by the printing press, the steam engine, oil, electricity, the computer? Humankind has deluded itself to believe it is “in charge”.

The current determining innovation is a convergence of many innovations. It would not be productive to argue which were more important.  Many innovation systems were/are involved: Rapidly Emergent Intelligent (computer) Technology, Social Media, Mobile Gateways (smart phones), Media Silos, Super-Corps (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.), Online SEAFed Hi-Finance, Globalization, Hi-Intelligence, Big Data, Psych-Ops, Augmented Propaganda, Surveillance, Hacking, Targeted Assassination & Blackmail, Technologically Augmented Corruption, ETC.

Let us return to the present and the Silo-Cult of the GOP and the short-term future of the USA.

IF, what is proposed is true, contemporary techniques to confront/defeat the GOP may well not succeed.  This is far, far from our only crisis. We are actually in midst of a Crisis-of-Crises, orders-of-magnitude greater than ever experienced by humankind. I may list some of these crises later. However, this issue is immediate, and is critical to our ability to confront this catastrophic Crisis-of-Crises.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that Organized Active Change Agents (OACA) uplift themselves to discover/apply a more accurate model of humankind, than the current, grossly inaccurate model.

FACT: Over the centuries of the Scientific Era, the accumulated knowledge about humans, gained by research, has seen very limited application in the design and functioning of societal systems.  Physical systems were greatly improved. Indeed, new knowledge improved the power of elite control of populations. HiTech has subverted the weak forms of “democracy”, before they took root.

FACT:  The Trump/GOP/Corp-Handlers will not accept defeat, in future elections. They are totally committed to their coup. In their wrlds, this is a sacred crusade against “evil”. In last resort, if forecast to lose in the fall  2018 elections, a False-Flag event will occur and the election will be (indefinitely) postponed.

However, it is speculated that the “intelligence” behind this coup is powerful; and not evident in the visible players. The coup has been emergent for decades, involving the most wealthy, able to hire the most technologically competent.  They are comfortable and secure, and able to be patient. This long-term (generational) planning was traditional (& necessary) centuries ago; and continues within family elites (and other nations, still deep in these cultural traditions). Reality is a mix of spontaneous happenings to generational plotting.


NOTE: OUR CHANGE must be prior to any action to challenge the coup. This what I mean by the priority of UPLIFT. If we act impulsively and prematurely, we may well make things worse.  Currently, we are working in context of a grossly inaccurate model about the “nature of humankind”. Our “enemies”, although far from comprehensive in the models of reality, are more accurate than we on some specifics – enabling them to indoctrinate and move populations to support them and oppose us.

THIS IS CRITICAL: We must strongly resist our “natural impulse” to fight and resist. What we face are SOCIETAL challenges, not environmental challenges we evolved to face with our (still) tribal/hunter-gatherer brains.

Polls are no longer sufficient measures of populations. They measure uninformed opinion. They have little relevance as to future behavior. We are quite ignorant “who we are” and “how we change”.

We have no accurate knowledge of the “odds” for our success/failure. We are grossly unaware of our vast potentials and resources. Nor are we aware of the internal difficulties encountered by the coup. There is evidence that there are competing coups, fighting each other. The consequences of Earth Changes (well beyond Climate Changes) my soon disrupt everything. The “very top elites” have the resources to survive; but they may have little power over others.

THE INTENT of this post is to CALL ATTENTION to the high possibility that the GOP is not a political party but a CULT SILO.  This phenomenon way be epidemic in humankind. Indeed, WE MAY BE INFECTED.

The above is a tentative work-in-progress. It requires critiques and participatory development. Yet, time is short, until November. Also, is it safe for our work to be conducted in the open? Would our work be recognized as a threat to the coup – if not by the Trump/GOP cult-silo, but by their Corporate/Geek handlers (who are also in their own, unique cult-silos)? What cult-silos emerge around persons of extreme power?







NIGHTMARE ———————————— THEATRE of the ABSURD

From the safety and comfort of my home in Tucson, Arizona, America – to imagine myself living in a nightmarish theatre of the absurd  seems absurd, compared to those who lived through the fire storms in Dresden or Hiroshima  of WWII (when America went untouched and gained power and riches). Or the plight of today’s refugees fleeing all variations of terror, all over the globe. Do the monsters of today compare with those of humankind’s long, bloody history (while the rich get richer)? Is Stephen Pinker  correct claiming significantly diminished violence thru human history (it hinges on Pinker’s definition of “violence”; a different story would be told about the increase of “human suffering”)?

Immediate violence and suffering cannot be ignored, but there is much more to “reality”.  For example, compare the immediate experiences of persons “killed” (by any means), and the extended pain, suffering, and longer-term consequences of those “left behind”.

The “killing of potential”, whether of a person “passing too soon” or of the loss of a glorious future for Humanity/Gaia following the “extinction of humankind”  is difficult to compare with immediate loss and accompanying violence. Schell writes, “We have always been able to send people to their death, but only now has it become possible to prevent all birth and so doom all future human beings to uncreation.”

How does “descent into madness” compare with “death” (for persons or populations)?

“nuet”, Larry’s inner wrld, is compelled to share this contrast – as a platform from which to launch an uplifting, highly positive proposal. REALITY IS THE WHOLE. Good and Bad. Crisis: Opportunity/Danger; Challenge!!

No one knows all that is happening, trending, or hiding as potential – in the vast, fractal complexity of 21st Century humankind. Larry/nuet “groks”  our Here&Now as unique in human history, and possibly unique in the “Life of COSMOS”. Whether accurate or not, might we attend to the challenge of this, potentially unique, Crisis-of-Crises.

What is happening within GAIA on Planet Earth, in our Solar System (which we haven’t named), in our Galaxy (which we haven’t named), in our Galactic Cluster (which we haven’t named)? With astonishing arrogance “we claim” to be competent (with this query) from our teeny-tiny-point position, as a node in this vast/complex sysnet.

WE (emergent humankind) may be a unique phenomenon; more – a yet embryonic process, than a “finished product, approaching the perfection-of-maturity”.

Try imagining the experiences of a caterpillar/butterfly in process of metamorphosis. The effects of “birth trauma” on the “baby” remains a topic of controversy.

Personally, I (Larry/nuet) am more intrigued by the antics of my contemporary humans, than disturbed. Here I include EVERYONE, from Trump/GOP to radical/progressive pundits. We are witness to the TOP STORY of human history – much being recorded, for later study. There is no fictional narrative more exciting. Simplistic futures are very disturbing. Indeed, they are nightmares.

to be continued.  01/11/18


Does any of the new tax law apply to the 2017 tax year, forms and 2017 income/expenses?

To do so is probably illegal. The forms and rules have yet to be constructed. Many firms have probably already been working on their 2017 returns, due in April 2018. All DIYS software, now on sale and purchased by many, would be useless. Tax preparation helpers would be severely handicapped.

Thus, the new rules probably/must apply to the 2018 year, with taxes due April 2019. It will effect withholding and prepayments, benefiting the primarily wealthy in 2018.

Then, why has Trump/GOP promised a larger paycheck THIS YEAR – 2018, for the middle class – so they will vote GOP in the fall of 2018. Bigger paychecks could be done by reduced WITH-HOLDING, but that must be negotiated by employee/pensioner and employer/agency. Does the new tax law mandate withholding?

Can the GOP have been so stupid, or are they planning a coup takeover that makes the midterm elections moot?

Why have the democrats, progressives & radicals, and any of the media not pointed this out?

When we start preparing our 2017 taxes, we will discover NO CHANGE, as yet.


PS – The MSM appears to be agreeing with the above, but without saying it directly. They report on many trying to pay, in 2017, their 2018 property taxes.


Glisten, I am impressed by your TEC ASSIST. I’m forced to realize that I need help if I am to continue productivity. I’ve recently been thinking what I need, and here I see you offer it. And, we know things about each other. I would like to discuss what you might be able to do for me, and what it will cost.

My body movements are deteriorating rapidly. I may soon not be able to keyboard; already there are far to many typos. Lypos (typos-in-life) occur 30-50 times daily, as I wander through my environment as a S-R mechanism, bouncing from stimuli to stimuli – EXCEPT when “on the computer”, when my creative mind (nuet) actually seems to be improving (more insights, improved synergy) – but I’m handicapped in sharing – and in organizing my own work.

I will compose an outline of the types of help I will need – in a different doc. I can’t expect you to do all that I might need – as you have your own projects. We may locate a local person to be your assistant. Do you already have a stable of assistants-in-training? I will need help in basic performance and with conceptual organization of my writings. I’ve considered cloud-funding, but I will need help making my case comprehensible.

I appreciate your response to my email announcement. My first task in 2018 will be preparing my new system. Unfortunately, both of my computers are weirdly unstable; worse than ever before. I wonder if I, or cyberspace, is being hacked. I believe I need higher security.


Glisten, I am sorry not to have read and commented on your latest Academia paper, now closed to comment. It got lost in my multi-hundred item TODO list. I hope still to read it and I know that we can have fruitful dialog over it.

I have read the promo for the Elworthy book, and I’m not sure it would be applicable for me. Yet, I am interested in 14+7 actions. I will buy the eBook when I get my eBook system working again. In my analysis, ALL projects (no matter how necessary) will become necessarily viable ONLY when as synergistic components of a Holistic Planetary Strategy.

Level-7, Tools for a New Political Economy, also is a valuable contribution. These excellent works, and a multitude of others being created, as we share, will be of use – IN THE FUTURE, but in a DIFFERENT CONTEXT than what they imagine.

Recently I read an excellent article in SCIENCE, that is clear headed about doing what is needed. Title: “Sociotechnical transitions for deep carbonization: Accelerating innovation is as important as climate policy” (22 September 2017 vol 357 issue6357, pp 1142-1244).

In the past few months (maybe a year or more, I can’t remember) I had some meta-insights and shifted beyond my Up2Met proposal. I am exploring meta-contexts for Up2Met. This give further justification to challenge the assumption that Humankind/Gaia can be FIXED or TRANSFORMED, an upfront assumption by Level-7 and Elsworthy.

The critical insight is that Human Reality and Material Reality are radically different. Practically, none of the programs to fix or transform the Human/Gaia interface can even begin, so long as there is no radical change (beyond imagination) in humankind, itself. ALL proposals to fix ignore the essential need to change humankind, so it can perform “the fix”.

I have modified Up2Met to accept that the material reality of the Human/Gaia interface can only be transformed. But, I believe we could scientifically demonstrate that humankind can’t be transformed to a “state” (HUMANITY) capable of resolving our Crisis-of-Crises. Something different from transformation is needed: emergence. And this requires a fully open exploration about the “nature of humankind”, challenging all prior assumptions. I don’t know “who we are”, but I’m dead sure “we aren’t who we think we are – by even our best minds”.

Pieces of this nu perspective are in my blog, and I won’t attempt to explicate here. This perspective also provides a positive view of the weird happenings in the “Trump Phenomenon”. For example: The USA has the longest lists of good and evil actions of any nation; but we can’t holistically RANK nations. Hillary and Barak have committed war crimes, re Libya and the Ukraine, but believe they were justified. Trump and his handlers will continue, and do worse – on many fronts. Politics and economics are the wrong games to play.

There are no “human truths”, as there are “truths” for Material Reality. All human news is “fake” (objectively unverifiable). The empirical base for human reality are human-authored-reports; each based on other reports, etc. Human agency is creative, not causally deterministic. We must abandon our belief in the “objectivity” of Humankind. We must learn to negotiate our billions of different “hallucinatory” wrlds. Our experientials are real, but “consciousness” is a word with so many meanings as to be useless at this time, as a concept. Indeed, our confusion about life and mind blocks the HR vs MR distinction, essential for our survival.

Historically, Masters-of-the-Big-Lie intuitively knew this, that human reality is created; and doesn’t obey the laws of the material world. Trump&Crew, crudely but with some geek power, are being successful in confronting “scientific evidence”. Human reality has its own “laws”, and comprehending them and using them, HUMANITY can emerge successfully from humankind.

Up2Met needs reformulation within this new context of Human Reality vs Material Reality. The epistemic wars brewing may be our opportunity, as “fake vs truth” calls for revisiting.

I feel it imperative that these insight be seeded and nurtured within humankind. Larry’s body may last a decade, but not be functional for nuet.

Disruptive Technologies & Up2Met

Tom Greco’s excellent presentation, Disruptive Technologies are Making Money Obsolete, (15 min video), motivates this post.

Disruptive Technologies may be the primary driving forces for significant, longterm, societal transformations. Within Up2Met (UPLIFT to Cultural/Societal Metamorphic Emergence) these same technologies are constructive and often foundational.

I now comprehend Tom’s quality promotion of the conceptual scheme for an alternative, exchange/financial system (free of exploitation), as a technology for communities, to which he as contributed much in its development. IF, it would succeed (as digital photography replaced film photography), it would be disruptive and certainly lead to a cascade of change, leading to a massive transformation of global humankind. I cannot say that this cannot happen, in these turbulent times of negative-disorder and positive-chaos.

In that this new idea, it appears, has yet no useful brand name, I will use Alt-Exchange or AE. I don’t think the terms “money” or “finance” should be used. AE and AI go together. [Maybe AI should be for Alt-Intelligence.]

AE may be unique, as a disruptive technology, in that EE (Established Exchange) is the primary tool of the power elites. EE will not go quietly to AE.

The espisteme of Hunting/Gathering Tribalism was absorbed by the episteme of Agricultural Based Civilization; and continues to be a sharp thorn in any move towards sustainability or stability.

Is there a way EE can absorb AE? Politics/Governance are mechanism EE uses to attempt “control”. Governments (lobbied by EE) could outlaw AE.

Have you recently noticed the absence of customers in most banks? And the new automated stations and severe reduction of human tellers? There is an emergent War on Cash, as well as dynamic CyberCurrencies. How will AE survive in this competitive rush?

The strength of AE is in its association with real/concrete  pers(ons) and org(anizion)s.  This “localization” can’t compete with larger societal entities, unless they are also “organized” at societal levels.  I speculate that an AE movement can become disruptive ONLY if they can emerge a global sysnet of AEs.  Tom, is this underway?

Long ago I coined a slogan: Exemplars Never Become Mainstream on their Own Merits.   An innovation must do more than “go viral” in cyberspace; it must become “integral” to a sysnet (system/network) of human persons – who improve and promote the innovation.

Also, the tranformative success of of an innovation is usually NOT the solution to an old problem, that is its initial challenge. Rather, the innovation opens the gate to the emergence of nu paradigms and epistemes, leading to systemic changes well beyond the application of the innovation.

What changes in human relations and organization, well beyond exchange, might AE catalyze in populations using AE? I make the same query for innovations in alt-   food, energy, construction, business, education, etc. None can become globally transformative on their own merits.

This calls for WHOLE systems exploration. The systems of the innovation are not enough.  Traditional “systems science” is limited because it ignores the “human contexts” of all systems.

HOWEVER, AE is essential to the success of Up2Met. What variants of AE emerge within Up2Met will be exploitative and experimental. This would best be done as an AE for an emergent nu human system, for its internal viability – and not in competitive warfare with societies dependent on EE.

If a sysnet of AE is to “defeat” powerful sysnets of cabals using EE, they must be better organized and more competent. This “condition for tranformative success” can only emerge in relative isolation from opposition.

Up2Met, is a conceptual scheme for alt-change; , alt-to-transformation. The early behavioral activities re AE may be indistinguishable under transformation or emergence; they will be distinguished by the cognitive contexts behind the behaviors.

A rough scenario for when Up2Met “confronts” EH (Established Humankind) can be found in THIS GREAT DAY.

M2M Health Care Proposal (1975)

In response to Joe Brewer’s FB post:

M2M = Mission_2000_Movement

Joe, you have identified a general Cultural Design challenge: SCALING from COMMUNITY to GLOBAL. Praise to all the ongoing efforts reported in this thread.

My 1975, 25-year proposal for Optimal Health Care, in my unpublished manuscript MISSION_2000, called for Quality Education for all, from early childhood on, to keep current at a nurse practitioner level. We would all be part of the Health Care System. Everyone would learn the basics of human biology and personal health care, with seafing (supporting, enabling, augmenting, facilitating) by organized sysnets of others. Specialists could be called as needed.

21st Century sci/tech seafs this far beyond my 1975 imaginings. OLLO (Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing) is a process for global bootstrapping the emergence of a distributed sysnet of services & training. Also, the holistic process of uplifting our collective distribution of knowledge/competencies goes well beyond our best “education”.

However, HEALTH & WELL-BEING goes well beyond CARE. PREVENTION is far more resource reeee (relevant, effective, efficient, enjoyable, elegant). Almost 1/3 of those I see at restaurants are obese. Excess Profits Pollute. Many of the processes of civilization are explicitly counter to health & well-being. Thus, health & well-being goals (consequences of achieved objectives) depend on the creative emergence of a viable, holistic humanity from our severely dysfunctional humankind.

Cultural Design must be in the context of a comprehensive strategic process – from NOW to when all trends are positive. Tactics depend on local and temporal specifics. All projects should have explicit research components, coordinated with experimental, strategic objectives.

While we can only start from where we are, all our options may not be known to us, or even blocked by outmoded paradigms and epistemes. Our Crisis-of-Crises doesn’t permit a one-step-at-a-time, conservative program. At any time, t, we must consider our needs at a future time, t’, and begin at t, other projects to create the tools needed at t’. Futures Strategizing – with alternative scenarios.

I don’t expect everyone to get on this Meta expedition, but some need to go, and others observe them.

Onward towards Cultural/Societal Metamorphosis


Larry Victor     VARIATIONS ON M2M Health Care Program

Today, all treatment might be accompanied by more education of the patient, beyond what they might just need to maintain treatment.
Networks of patients with similar issues could be of assistance. Such forums already exist. How are they currently used by medical practice systems.

The real-time demands for health care may always appear to give no time for the meta process I recommend. Those on the front lines of health care are not expected to take the lead in meta strategic processes. Yet, unless others engage these meta processes, much of the good work at the front lines will be lost.

Jodie Harburt makes a good point, health care in the USA has been neglected. For a reason? Experimentation within communities, globally, must to accessed. Traditional health care processes must be carefully evaluated, but in contexts that go beyond established medical dogmas. Some traditional processes may not be the best, or might even be harmful – yet many medical discoveries came from traditional processes.

EMERGENCY ALERT DANGER ———– attention please

This morning, 12/6/2017, as I surveyed my multiple, diverse info about our confusing reality, some syntheses further clarified. This led to a deep sense of Critical Concern (not yet emotional fear, but conceptual alertness). None of these are new insights, but the evidence builds – not only about what might be happening (under our noses) and the blindspots epidemic in those who should see and act.

I add urls at the end.

Our STORY in a Nutshell

A global/national COUP is rapidly approaching the tipping point, in the USA.

Humankind is not as our best minds believe it to be.

Human power systems are surfing on the dynamics of Positive-Chaos & Negative-Disorder, competing for control within their private realities (epistemes and paradigms).

Many little actions of oppression are weaving a framework for a coup, while we (“the opposition”) only talk (in our bubbles) about actions we may not be permitted to take.

Progressives, liberals, and those critical of surface happenings are yet caught in outmoded worldviews (epistemes) that block them from adequate interpretation of “the facts”. What is happening, in the USA, is not within our “Constitutional System” nor within our “Traditional Democratic Practices”. This is no longer defective democracy, where we “hope” to “turn the tide” in the next elections, but a rapidly emerging Slow Coup.

The Slow Coup has four primary features:

1) Attention diversion in all media by a handled madman, Donald Trump. All reported actions are attributed to The Donald, even when many openly point to his lack of “sanity”. He is not in charge.

2) Meanwhile, many actions are being taken to limit freedom of opposition – masked by the attention to Trump antics. Those actions that are reported are not the most insidious, because the reporters are locked-into their “hope” of “turning it around”.

3) The “opposition” (to the coup) dialog among themselves in their bubbles, planning actions for which there no long exist judges or courts to consider their plans. Force and power rule, and contemporary structures are rigged against them.

4) What is happening doesn’t fit into any of our models. It involves sophisticated conspiracies at different levels by relatively independent cabals (with financial and geek power) & crude conspiracies – but working in unstable, highly tumultuous populations and social systems (countervailing bottom-up processes, including tech innovations). Although no single “force” is in control, there are definite trends, that are quite dangerous.

An explicit push for coup finalization may be coming very soon. The right media speak openly of the end of investigation into Trump, etc. The tools are assembled to shut down dissent. All is needed is a tragic, false-flag incident to consolidate the coup.

All that Trump and his handlers (cabal) designate as FAKE NEWS (RT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, etc.) will be removed from the semfield accessible by Americans. This will include Internet news, except by highly talented geeks.

The reactions and outcomes are uncertain – the coup planners are far from omnipotent. Rwanda-style mutual genocide is possible, as is a passive submission to oppression. On-the-other-hand, blue state governments/economies may successfully resist and challenge the national coup – and how this conflict will emerge is highly uncertain.  Also uncertain is, who comprise the top cabals? Might a BRICS-type cabal be Trump’s handler, countering USA-EU hegonomy? Or, might “BRICS” be a truly global financial cabal planning a re-organization of all (national) state systems – including shutting down the excessive power of the USA (global fascism). Are Trump and the GOP being manipulated, with the intention of the destruction of US power. Might this also be why US exceptionalism is now negative on many indicators; by the intentional, long-term weakening of US infrastructure. Example: Child Poverty Rate.

Another variation, LOC – Legal Organized Crime. The “mafia episteme” migrates to the highest societal levels, where the whole of humankind is an environment to exploit and not a lager aspect of their societal orgs.

Also, how do the financial/corporate cabals that profit from war and the preparation-for-war compete with the financial/corporate cabals who would benefit by the elimination of this global Military/Industrial/Media Complex?

These are not definite predictions; none is possible. This is a warning of one possible future, not easily recognized amidst conflicting propaganda and fake news (from all sides).

What to do?

1) Hide and organize for later. Will our online texts attract attention, or will we simply be shut off?

2) Try to make this warning highly visible, IMMEDIATELY. How?

3) Learn/Organize (OLLO) resistor and protestor populations for “higher action”.









Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly



Larry/nuet to Anthony Judge 121017

Anthony, your latest arrived and I was intrigued to skim it and read the last few pages. I will not comment on this masterpiece, or on your universe of masterpieces. I wish I had the time to explore your semfield and dialog with you. I regret not having formalized my semfield as elegantly as you have. I conceptualize what is needed, but lack the ability to focus over time. My inner wrld/reality emerges from my whole mind/brain/body without conscious intention (except for editing). Your format resonates with me; but I would need a team for implementation. My unorganized blog, contains only a small fraction of my writings (many trapped in apps that no longer run in Windows).

My comments here are tangential to the theme of your recent post. I have often commented about proprioception, because I am so weak at it. I may take this “fact” as a reason I found your whole adventure into self-experiencing as a direction of exploration I have avoided. I have moved, in thought, away from “individuation”. This not to say your direction isn’t as meaningful as mine, and I expect the complementarity of perspectives to be fundamental. I have yet to adequately comprehend the details of your arguments, and fantastic diagrams.

I see I have posted twice to you, in my blog; 0n 08/28/2016 and  08/25/2017. But at 82 (5 years older than you), I have forgotten most of my concrete past – including these two posts.  I expect I may repeat here, some of what I said, then.


For all of my life, I have lacked mental imagery in all sensory modes, having no sensory remembrances or sensory imagination. I am also on the autism spectrum (recently discovered – which explains a lot about my life). It is difficult to describe my mind, my inner “wrld”, that emerged in compensation for my lacks. I am a strange “savant”, where both my assets and limitations aren’t in conventional categories. Decades ago George Por introduced me to your work.

I do perceive, but weakly compared with what others report. I can feel pain on my body, but generally am not aware of my body (except skin sensation to temperature or touch). My wife claims she can visualize her inner organs. I failed to learn to ski because I can’t proprioceive where my feet are pointing (without looking at them), and control their direction. I have learned to do basic movements like swimming, golfing, & hiking, playing the trumpet and guitar – but nothing special. I am average coordinated.

This past year I developed a new, special propioception – of my hands. My hands now dominate my attention. I believe it is neuropathy, but my PCP attributes it to my elbows. The surface of my hands are continually being experienced. Fingers touching fingers or palm is very strange, feeling mushy and bigger than they look. Everything is stiff, and they “freeze” if I don’t move them. My hands and arms are also very weak. With great difficulty I can still put pills into my weekly dispenser, but frequently drop them. Fortunately, I can still keyboard, but with many errors. In all my life I have never been continually attracted to a proprioception (except during occasions of extreme pain). My autism compels me to continually stim (stimulate) one finger into another. I have difficulty falling to sleep until I relax and stop stimming.

I speculate whether most person’s perception may also contain mental imagery, which they don’t discriminate. Might top musicians actually experience “sound” for a long interval (auditory imagery of prior auditory perception, added to momentary auditory perception). My perception of music is only of a few notes-at-a-time, but I grok a melodic phrase. I can’t replay music in my head and have no sensory idea about a whole musical composition. I read that Mozart claimed he experienced his compositions as a whole, before he heard the notes sequentially.

I am also interested in the creative mental imagery of proprioception and kinetics. Professional dancers have told me that they can “experientially imagine ” (in mental imagery) a danceperformance, while sitting. A workshop guru (Jean Houston) asked the audience, standing tall, to mentally imagine themselves in different positions. When I told her that I (and maybe others) couldn’t experience it, she accused me of being mentally deficient ( I expert I am.)  I am astounded that so many gurus have no knowledge that 3% lack visual imagery (7% lack auditory imagery) – a very old study, needing to be done again.

Given my handicaps, I’ve come to view the CONTENT of our experientials (I usually avoid the term “consciousness”) as immature, embryonic forms; as we emerge from our mammalian/primate substrate and are creating (via our visual languages, now amplified by digital technology) a new Human Reality (HR) distinct from the prior Material Reality (MR) of our known universe. Our visual semiotic structures (sems) liberate information from prior required embedment in matter/energy systems. The cognitive diversity of humankind makes it conceptually much more than a species; more as a family or order. If we survive our Crisis-of-Crises, humankind may metamorphose as a “system” analogous (in some ways) with our bodies. Persons will “specialize” as “cells in tissues”, and our current sense of self and identity will be quite different. I believe that not having to struggle to survive will liberate our experiential fields beyond our  imagining. Our personal, social, and cultural-societal metamorphosis will find us as different “tomorrow” as a butterfly is different from a caterpillar (body, movement potentials, life-styles).



I wish I had the competencies to explore your exciting geometries. I once created a chessboard on a Mobius strip (pawns on both sides of each King’s row), but then lacked the computer visualizations that would permit playing. I did this without visualization. I expect that you can visualize your 3D objects and rotate them in your inner imagery. During the summers in college I worked as a draftsman of machines (for GE) and learned that my fellow draftsmen could visualize and rotate their “parts”, “in their heads”.

I have often wondered about how deep mediators can learn to “control” their experientials; but I don’t accept that these states are “superior” to the diversity of all human experiences.4 or have greater “objectivity”.  I am open to the possibility of person-person interaction beyond the sensory, but don’t find evidence for it today, as a significant contributor to our emergence. It may be different after metamorphosis and humanity becomes an organism, and not an ecology.

I recently have arrived at radical exploration of the critical distinction between HR and MR. The empirical foundation for HR are sems and the collective semfield, not MR. All human news (in reports) is “fake”, in that it there is no MR evidence – for  human interpretations of human actions.

As some neuroscientists already claim, our “conscious exxperientials” are hallucinations, even our experiences of “nature”. This need not be negative. We would avoid much conflict is we accepted that our experienced wrld was not an objective world. We will learn the new science of HR, and develop processes for viable emergence of a humanity based on a common semfield.

Today, our semfield (represented by books, videos, social media and mobile devices) is very crude (dangerous) and incorporates very little “positive design”. In the distant future, the co-created semfield of Humanity may be in parity with our material Nature/Universe. This is awesome to contemplate.

I am currently challenged by the complementarity of our two perspectives. The term “organic” comes up for yours, while mine brings up “analytic”. Yet both play the analysis/synthesis cyclical game.

I expect to more apply your perspective when exploring the “holistic” emergence of inner wrlds within brains/bodies. I welcome Damasio’s insight that emotions are perceived (proprioceptive?) changes in our body’s molecular systems. I also use the metaphor of orchestra/music for brain/mind. Mind being  patterns on the Material Brain, constrained by brain structure, but also independent of it; as musical patterns are independent of the material structures of instruments. I further speculate that this pattern/process is characteristic of life – and is “transmitted” as life begets life.

Contrary to both sides of the debate over when “life begins”, conception or birth; life continues with the merger of two living cells. I further speculate that these patterns of life and mind involve temporal texture and feedpast bootstrapping; sharply distinguishing living systems from strictly material systems. I don’t comprehend the obsession of some humans with the dogma of “unity”, and in opposition to “duality”. I agree with G. Spencer-Brown (Laws of Form) that distinctions are at the logical foundation for conceptual reality.

NARRATIVES, revisited

Human use of stories as a means of sharing goes back to tribal times. The narrative; the unfolding of events-in-time is hard wired into our brains.

Example: An Australian aboriginal was being driven in a car. He asked the driver to slow down, as he was unable to narrate to himself the changing scenes because they were flashing by too fast. Such stories of travels were “maps”, when shared with others. Some persons are better than others in remembering and telling stories. Instructions for doing were related as stories. Happenings in dreams also were shared as narratives.

Narratives remain a powerful means for communication, now enhanced by writing and reading. The time frames for narratives need extending beyond the changing perceptual experience. Histories were an early extension.

I propose a holarchy (nested hierarchy) of narratives:


Might we call this holarchy a STORY FIELD?

Frequent use of the term, “BIG PICTURE” (in English), puzzles me. Is a “Big Scenario” conceived as a static “Picture”? Why do we use a static metaphor to label a complex narrative? “Movies” = Moving Picture Show.

How do persons learn to use this holarchy? Are there persons who lack the competencies to process narratives with long temporal durations? How do the concepts of “causation”, “freedom”, and “determination” weave into our narratives?

Is our seeming inability to explore “multi-dimensional time” or “temporal textures” because of a lock-in to narratives that unfold in linear, one-dimensional time? The paradox of “free creativity” in a “determined world”  can be resolved with “temporal texture”, by a process I label, “feedpast bootstrapping” .

As powerful as our narrativity is, might there be aspects that are blocking our ability to adequately function in this hyper complex world, where most happenings of significance involve durations beyond perception and conventional story telling?

Might the patterns of happenings covering “Global Eras” be shown to have a “Societal Weirdness”, in analogy with Quantum Weirdness of the very, very, small (also beyond direct perception)? “Laws” don’t necessarily “scale”.