Cut/Pasted from an email: Larry on Larry/nuet & Societal/Quantum Reality Analog

At this stage in my life, I am in very serious consideration of WHAT TO DO NEXT.  Larry is in rapid decline, but may live another decade. What Larry is now unable to do will eventually  be reported elsewhere in detail. Larry’s limitations appear to have released nuet’s emergence (within Larry/nuet), but the new insights … Continue reading “Cut/Pasted from an email: Larry on Larry/nuet & Societal/Quantum Reality Analog”


[repeated] Maybe we must begin treating “world events” with the same care and logic as physics was forced to do when researching the not-directly observable (quantum worlds). All the great variety of expressed interpretations of reality are, in a sense, “real” – in that it is these inner, personal “wrlds” that determine choice and behavior, … Continue reading “ALT REALITIES: QUANTUM & SOCIETAL vs Local/Perceptual”


INTRODUCTION This essay explores a significant query: To what extent may our scientific knowledge of systems not containing humans (or not involving direct human interference during the interval studied) NOT APPLY to our knowledge gained from the “scientific” study of systems with humans as primary components and/or participants? Here I offer, for consideration, four propositions. … Continue reading “CONTEXTS vs Societal THEORIES”


Nor does the USA, China or any “nation” or “state” – in the same “sense of existence” as tables, trees, houses, persons, and even villages. When is the action of a part not considered an action of the whole? The answer depends on our definitions for “action”, “part”, whole”, and “considered”. Is my writing this … Continue reading “RUSSIA doesn’t EXIST”


There is so, so, so much to share and to learn. These times may truly be the most exciting, ever – certainly the most confusing. POTENTIALS expand exponentially, as does their repressive BLOCKING. We can’t “communicate” Big Patterns or Large Conceptual Schemes. That is, the linear temporal exchange of bytes or bits won’t do. WE … Continue reading “WHAT MUST WE DO? — AGAIN”

Feedpast Bootstrapping and Arrival (the movie) ++ MUCH MUCH MORE

WONDER of WONDERS Just returned from viewing the movie ARRIVAL, and was blown away. The alt-time theme of the movie {as I interpreted it} is an example of a hypothesis about Temporal Texture & Feedpast Bootstrapping that I developed a few decades ago. Actually, my interest and research in TIME or alternative models of temporality … Continue reading “Feedpast Bootstrapping and Arrival (the movie) ++ MUCH MUCH MORE”

Belief vs Knowledge and the Minds of Trump Supporters & other Humans

ABSTRACT: Humans have two operating systems in their brains, for belief (mammalian) and knowledge (human).  They interact differently in different persons. Some persons have no knowledge about significant phenomena and function only on belief; they cannot be “reached” by informing, as their OS can’t process knowledge. This is work in progress and feedback is essential. … Continue reading “Belief vs Knowledge and the Minds of Trump Supporters & other Humans”

WARRING or LOVING: 7+ BILLION DIFFERENT WORLDS (structurally coupling) – draft

WHAT FRIGHTENS YOU THE MOST TODAY? The concept of a Catastrophic Climate Change leading to the extinction of humankind and a major scaring of Gaia concerns and disturbs me, but doesn’t frighten me. Nor do the personal madness of Trump, etc. the Tea Party and suicide bombers, ISIS, natural disasters or my own death frighten … Continue reading “WARRING or LOVING: 7+ BILLION DIFFERENT WORLDS (structurally coupling) – draft”