This simple insight, that Climate Change is Fundamentally Waste Mismanagement, may provide an avenue for catalyzing mass action to recycle/reclaim ALL waste.

This insight was jointly catalyzed by brief emails from Linda and Jason.

Hard waste, in dumps and plastic in water, is visible waste. Carbon dioxide and methane are invisible waste products from our energy and food industries.

Waste, improperly managed, results in more than pollution. It is what pollution does to our life support systems and Gaia that is critical. We might adjust to the ugliness and odor of waste, but we can’t adapt to a rapidly changing climate system. The effects of pollution on water (oceans to ground water) is of the same type of phenomenon (“climate” change in the fluids of oceans) as pollution of gaseous fluids (air and atmosphere).

To properly manage our waste production will, singularly, fix our climate crisis. This is not to say the enterprise will be easy.

But, our first challenge (for our survival/thrival) is to prepare/inform/mobilize/organize persons-in-diverse populations as to the “real nature” of our Crisis-of-Crises: our accelerating, dysfunctional human psychological/social/societal/cultural systems. Only after this UPLIFT is underway do we have the “real opportunity” to fix our waste management system. We must fix ourselves first.

We need to stop shitting on our dinner plates.