Does any of the new tax law apply to the 2017 tax year, forms and 2017 income/expenses?

To do so is probably illegal. The forms and rules have yet to be constructed. Many firms have probably already been working on their 2017 returns, due in April 2018. All DIYS software, now on sale and purchased by many, would be useless. Tax preparation helpers would be severely handicapped.

Thus, the new rules probably/must apply to the 2018 year, with taxes due April 2019. It will effect withholding and prepayments, benefiting the primarily wealthy in 2018.

Then, why has Trump/GOP promised a larger paycheck THIS YEAR – 2018, for the middle class – so they will vote GOP in the fall of 2018. Bigger paychecks could be done by reduced WITH-HOLDING, but that must be negotiated by employee/pensioner and employer/agency. Does the new tax law mandate withholding?

Can the GOP have been so stupid, or are they planning a coup takeover that makes the midterm elections moot?

Why have the democrats, progressives & radicals, and any of the media not pointed this out?

When we start preparing our 2017 taxes, we will discover NO CHANGE, as yet.


PS – The MSM appears to be agreeing with the above, but without saying it directly. They report on many trying to pay, in 2017, their 2018 property taxes.