M2M Health Care Proposal (1975)

In response to Joe Brewer’s FB post:

M2M = Mission_2000_Movement

Joe, you have identified a general Cultural Design challenge: SCALING from COMMUNITY to GLOBAL. Praise to all the ongoing efforts reported in this thread.

My 1975, 25-year proposal for Optimal Health Care, in my unpublished manuscript MISSION_2000, called for Quality Education for all, from early childhood on, to keep current at a nurse practitioner level. We would all be part of the Health Care System. Everyone would learn the basics of human biology and personal health care, with seafing (supporting, enabling, augmenting, facilitating) by organized sysnets of others. Specialists could be called as needed.

21st Century sci/tech seafs this far beyond my 1975 imaginings. OLLO (Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing) is a process for global bootstrapping the emergence of a distributed sysnet of services & training. Also, the holistic process of uplifting our collective distribution of knowledge/competencies goes well beyond our best “education”.

However, HEALTH & WELL-BEING goes well beyond CARE. PREVENTION is far more resource reeee (relevant, effective, efficient, enjoyable, elegant). Almost 1/3 of those I see at restaurants are obese. Excess Profits Pollute. Many of the processes of civilization are explicitly counter to health & well-being. Thus, health & well-being goals (consequences of achieved objectives) depend on the creative emergence of a viable, holistic humanity from our severely dysfunctional humankind.

Cultural Design must be in the context of a comprehensive strategic process – from NOW to when all trends are positive. Tactics depend on local and temporal specifics. All projects should have explicit research components, coordinated with experimental, strategic objectives.

While we can only start from where we are, all our options may not be known to us, or even blocked by outmoded paradigms and epistemes. Our Crisis-of-Crises doesn’t permit a one-step-at-a-time, conservative program. At any time, t, we must consider our needs at a future time, t’, and begin at t, other projects to create the tools needed at t’. Futures Strategizing – with alternative scenarios.

I don’t expect everyone to get on this Meta expedition, but some need to go, and others observe them.

Onward towards Cultural/Societal Metamorphosis


Larry Victor     VARIATIONS ON M2M Health Care Program

Today, all treatment might be accompanied by more education of the patient, beyond what they might just need to maintain treatment.
Networks of patients with similar issues could be of assistance. Such forums already exist. How are they currently used by medical practice systems.

The real-time demands for health care may always appear to give no time for the meta process I recommend. Those on the front lines of health care are not expected to take the lead in meta strategic processes. Yet, unless others engage these meta processes, much of the good work at the front lines will be lost.

Jodie Harburt makes a good point, health care in the USA has been neglected. For a reason? Experimentation within communities, globally, must to accessed. Traditional health care processes must be carefully evaluated, but in contexts that go beyond established medical dogmas. Some traditional processes may not be the best, or might even be harmful – yet many medical discoveries came from traditional processes.

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