I am growing into an envy for the lifestyle of Stephen Hawking.

I see the acceptance of handicaps and the new/nu freedoms/competencies released.

new = freedoms known but blocked or undeveloped
nu = freedoms discovered, unknown before, potentials, ready for actualization.

As I elder, more and more attention/time/energy is devoted to my disabled, uncomfortable, and distracting body. Less and less attention/time/energy is devoted to creating/composing/doing relevant/rewarding/enjoyable “activities”.

Larry’s condition as of October 2017.

lifetime lack of mental imagery in all sensory modalities

total absence of any sensory remembrances of past events, even of a moment ago
memories only of conceptualized “report”of a supposed objective event
distant past events “remembered” only as prior conceptual “memories”
specific locations trigger such “memories” of events occurring at those locations (almost always embarrassing and sexual)
zero sensory imagination, no visual thinking
occasional sub vocalization – always emerges from subconscious
writing/typing emerges
sometimes sub vocalization accompanies emergence of symbols on screen, often in-process editing – grammar correction or generalization

lifetime on autism spectrum

inadequate relations with fellow humans
frequent lack of interest in persons, forget their existence, no concrete memories of past encounters
avoidance of realtime encounters – both phone and F2F, email OK – but forget to reply if not immediately
HOWEVER, was comfortable lecturing to classes of students.
HOWEVER, will sometimes speak up after lectures or in meetings, often “politely confrontational”.
feel lost and “out-of-place” at-parties and in-crowds.
procrastinate making phone calls
HOWEVER, can enter long dialog with strangers on topics of interest – sometime I enter “lecture/sharing mode”.
Unsure about Larry, Confident about nuet.
quick trigger to SHOUTING when dissed, limited to “family”

Larry’s basic physiological subsystems are healthy.

Minor issues:

Cervical spine in bad shape, not causing symptoms expected.
Colon polyps, occasional blood in stool
Flap between juncture to stomach/lungs collects food, resulting in coughing when eating
Take meds for

thyroid – gland removed at age 15
stomach (potential ulcers)

Cancer (1997, 2011) in remission.

Crippling arthritis of joints and cervical spine.

fingers and hands severely deformed, no blood indication of rheumatoid
elbows are bone on bone, replacement only option
left arm useless for most activity – extreme pain
recent problem is hard upper left arm muscle – “charlie-horse”, docs ignore

Neuropathy of hands and feet.

Hands feel stiff and enlarged, feeling of fingers on fingers “strange”
compulsion to “stim” fingers on fingers, even using rubber finger tips

Unstable walking

need to focus and slow down
drift, stumble on rough ground, many corrected potential falls
a few actual falls, bruises only
2011 test revealed a 17 degree shift in vision of “front”, never did correction exercises

Inadequate exercise, muscles weak

weekly guided yoga-stretching, online – – for 10+ years
can’t motivate to practice between weekly sessions
practice yoga-stretching only when “waiting” for appointments

Lack of fingers/hands/arms strength and dexterity.
Eye focus ok at all distances, corrections needed for best clarity
Hearing aides needed for low volume, audio perception/discrimination weak
No teeth, slurred speech – slow eating (helps keep weight stable)

Dementia re memory and spontaneous creativity

Functions in environment as S/R mechanism

INCLUDES stimulus when reading (self/others) and sustained focus
INCLUDES stimulus of many significant insights
WANDER between episodes of focus
less frequent insights or motivation to read/write when wandering

some memory/thinking on amplification of lifelong issues
forget most of sems/docs I have written, surprised to discover them
no recall of specifics of anything I have written
remembrances limited to generalities, often awed at details rediscovered

Liberated mind, beyond normal human


Larry/nuet’s Dream Future

Like Stephen Hawking, Larry’s body is maintained by competent-teams.

nuet is galdeed as best possible, seafed by a system-of-teams.

Larry/nuet = Larry is body, nuet is sum-of patterns in body/brain /mind, an inner “wrld”, the immediate correlate of all experience.

galdee = grow/adapt/learn/develop/evolve/emerge

seaf =support/enable/augment/facilitate

nuet becomes a tool of emergent humanity.

The technologies for Hawking/Victor are developed for all humans, as “life extension”.