QUERY: Leadership & Power in Human Systems

? POWER in Human Systems ?

This is a QUERY, seeking exploration; not a question seeking answers.

How do dictators rule? The lack of satisfactory explanations periodically bothers me. What is the psycho-dynamics that leads large populations to “worship” and “obey” some leaders?  How does the conceptual scheme labeled “celebrity” relate to this query? How might this be related to parent-child relationships and sibling relationships?

No single human can rule without full compliance from their close cohorts; so how can one person gain such support? Why does the myth of a single dictator persist?

“Human Nature” is not an explanation, it simply labels the topic of our query.  Today we are confronted by Trump and Putin, and in our recent past by Hitler and Stalin.

An alternative to Individual Power is Countervailing Power Sources, where “power” is continually being “negotiated” between different “players”. Individual power need not be “dictatorial”, but having a range of “influence”.

I remember being once informed that Tolstoy, in War and Peace, explored these alternative perspectives. Why this stuck with me, and if it is valid, remain queries.

Do we need to examine what we mean by “alternative”? Are they mutually exclusive or complementary, or comprise a “complementarity”?


that, “alternatives” within HUMANKIND
are “real”, in the same sense that
potential quantum states are “real”
(before the collapse of the wave function)?

comprise a particle/field-like COMPLEMENTARITY
within the unique “science” of

that, there is no EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE
backing up the “science” of humankind?

that, there are no FACTS in the
Pictures, Stories, Scenarios, Conceptual Schemes
of humankind.

that, Video recordings of “social events”
are incomplete and lack context.

that, the psychology behind decisions
is never empirical, yet essential
to our comprehension of a “social event”.


BRIEF: humankind is the emergent dance of brains and semfields;
an additional reality superimposed on the material reality of physics.

Actions of humankind don’t violate the laws of material reality; but these actions are not “determined” by events in material reality.

In metaphor, humankind is a self-creating musical composition emergent with a material orchestra of musical instruments. The instruments may limit, but not determine, the music played.

Contemporary humans confuse this critical distinction between humankind and material reality. They attribute “objectivity” to their own thoughts about “human systems”. They further claim that many others are “in error” when reporting their observations as “objective”.

The Trump Phenomenon, globally in 2016-17, strongly hints to a breakdown of this delusion (the objectivity of humankind) within humankind: although not so comprehended by most human persons.

Alt-facts and alt-realities are discussed in the MSM. MSNBC and FOX display the very same video recordings as “evidence” for radically conflicting so-called “objective stories”.

nuet’s take:

  1. There is an accelerating, radical shifting in the emergence of humankind, that is not determined by the critical state of material reality (resulting from negative consequences on Gaia from unexpected humankind “successes”). Earth Changes (well beyond Climate Change) comprise an “objective” context, both limiting and enhancing this shifting in emergence. The confusion and dysfunctions within humankind renders it incapable of meeting the challenges it has accidentally created for itself.
  2. Humankind not only has the full potential to shift their emergence toward viable survival/thrival, but that potential is exponentially growing.
  3. Humankind’s current “configuration” blocks actualization of these potentials. The “objective configuration” of contemporary humankind is radically different from what diverse humans comprehend “themselves to be”.
  4. There exist viable routes towards survival/thrival for humankind. Unfortunately, these are outside the ability of most humans to comprehend – from their current cognitive states.
  5. These cognitive states cannot be changed by the best of our contemporary processes: education and dialog.
  6. Humankind’s advances in “computerized digital technology” provides the POTENTIAL media for effective (seafed) “transformation/emergence” of human systems. However, the current levels and configuration of this digital technology (orientated towards control and econo-centrism) blocks the creations of requisite systems and apps.
  7. Up2Met is nuet’s current label for a conceptual scheme as context for the emergence of nu  pictures/scenes/stories/scenarios for the whole of humankind to survive/thrive its Crisis-of-Crises, in a few decades – dodging the “climate change bullet”.

This “HUMAN ENTERPRISE” will not “naturally emerge” from contemporary humankind. It must be a temporally extended system of human actions, with intentional creativity, of a Magnitude/Scope/Complexity (MSC) far, far beyond that imagined by the best of our visionaries – and beyond the current level of comprehension by most human persons. This is why the initial focus is on UPLIFTING the distribution of knowledge/competencies of the global human population.

Only a radically enhanced, uplifted humankind can lead itself through the necessary Cultural/Societal Metamorphosis, from humankind (caterpillar) to humanity (butterfly).

Are we (humans) the gift of Cosmos to Gaia, for our multi-billennial future? See:  Nu Genesis.

Serendipity & Synchronicity with Quantum Night

A few days ago (from 6/23/2017), on one of my escape-from-senility adventures, I reviewed the 614 books I had borrowed from the Tucson Public Library over the past few years.  I was reminded of authors I valued highly and searched to discover any new writings. Three authors of speculative fiction stood out: Robert Sawyer, David Brin, and Daniel Suarez. I ordered one recent book by each from the library. I just finished Quantum Night by  Robert Sawyer. This coincidence, the close serendipity and synchronicity, with my own imagining and our accelerating global Crisis-of-Crises, at this time was exciting.

Quantum Night was first published in March 2016, when Trump was but a GOP primary candidate for POTUS; and viewed as a “joke” by many. POTUS in Quantum Night (2020) is a psychopath, eerily similar to The Donald. The multiple crises in Sawyer’s 2020 are potential forecasts for our real reality, on into the 21st Century.

Sawyer reports his intention, in writing this novel, was to alert “us” (humankind, in my terminology) of the deep reality of our Dark Side. As an appendix, he lists 51 highly relevant books . I was aware of most of them, have read many – which are in my own list of relevant books for the survival/thrival of Humanity/Gaia.

I have read many of Sawyer’s prior novels and heard his keynote presentation in 2010, in Tucson, at the Science of Consciousness Conferences, held every other year since the 1994 (which I attended). I learned, from the book, of another presentation at the 2016 conference – where he likely spoke about Quantum Night. Unfortunately I have been unable to attend the more recent conferences because of their excessive cost – even with my living in Tucson.

It is obvious that Sawyer was influenced by the persons and ideas discussed, over many years, at these conferences. He makes specific reference, in the text of the novel, to David Chalmers, Stuart Hameroff, and Roger Penrose – and bases the scientific (quantum) hypothesis, in the novel, on their theoretical work on consciousness.  Within the novel are explicit references to the works of many other scientists, whose work attempts to better comprehend the complexity of “human nature”.

Yet, Robert Sawyer’s integration of these many discoveries and insights is masterful, as is his attempt to alert us the the reality of three basic human types: (Q1) Zombies (humans lacking consciousness, ala Chalmers, or simple S/R mechanisms), (Q2) Psychopaths (humans conscious, but without conscience), and (Q3) the “Quicks” (conscious with conscience) among us. I wonder on the data Sawyer consulted to arrive at his 4:2:1 contemporary ratio for these three fundamental  human types.

In my writings, I have attempted to alert others to the vast COGNITIVE DIVERSITY within humankind, for which the three types are very rough categories. I focus on the great diversity among the “Quicks”. Sawyer doesn’t attend to diversity within the three types. I also believe the three categories are more themes or threads that can occur in every human, at different times and in different circumstances and mixes (along with other relevant themes).

The three types are discrete, in the novel, due to their material association with three distinct states of quantum entanglement coherence in the micro-tubular structures within each neuron (an extrapolation of the “Orch OR” hypothesis by Hameroff and Penrose). The drama in the novel hinges on means to shift persons (and whole populations) between the three states.  Of all the novelist scientific extrapolations (acknowledged by Sawyer), I find this the most unlikely – but also necessary for the novel’s drama.

Sawyer, having his primary characters, in Quantum Night, exist (at different times) in all three types is a insightful way to illustrate the differences between the types. How his characters relate to each other between their state differences (and similarities), and how they thought of themselves having been in other states – was well done.  Also of merit, is his weaving in issues of Utilitarianism, Ethics, and Free Will.

The novel’s ending was not satisfying to me, but he could hardly have done differently – within the context of a novel. Miraculous, heroic, individual human intervention, AGAIN, saves humankind from catastrophe. The future was left to emerge, seemingly without critical, human, creative, positive contribution – which is, unfortunately, typical of all longer-term futures thinking today. It is this paradox that my Up2Met model attempts to address.

I was also frustrated by leaving humankind with all the “Quicks”, now being psychopaths. Even if, now only 1 of 7 from 2 of 7, from their positions in societies they could do real damage. The prior “Quicks” were the most talented and competent in many disciplines, their creativity having been nurtured during their lifetimes. Prior Psychopaths, now having conscience, is hardly sufficient to assist humankind free itself from the systemic traps they have laid for themselves.

UPLIFTING the whole population, in many different domains of knowledge and competencies, remains – to me – a primary prerequisite in any successful transition. Why & how such a challenge is deemed so impossible, to be excluded from the imagination of the most imaginative, is my primary query.

Quantum Night was, and is, a scary concept. I also believe the Crisis-of-Crises we face is systemic, in the cognitive diversity of humankind whose minds are warped by the effects of their own creations. We literally and significantly are NOT who we think we are. We all have limitations, which within our delusion of superiority and exceptionalism, block us from doing what we have the potentials to do – were we to acknowledge and accept our limitations.

The Sci/Tech of humans and humankind, cited by Sawyer, reports many patterns – but there is no coherent theory/model of humankind – in its diversity and complexity. We transfer the successes of the Sci/Tech of material systems (without human persons as components) to the Sci/Tech of systems with human persons as key components, which is unfounded and dangerous.  Humankind requires a unique Sci/Tech, which I call Quman Physics.

In the context of Sawyers’ three types, our difficulties are not the result of Zombies or Psychopaths. We haven’t “fixed humankind”  because of the arrogance of the “Quicks” and their belief – in any era or culture – that they basically know reality. This may be the curse of “consciousness” (a phenomenon not yet adequately identified, let alone comprehended). Zombies and psychopaths continue to cause trouble because the type with the potential to “do the right things” don’t adequately attend to their own uplift.

However we might call or list those traits that have given humans the “advantage”, we have not yet had sufficient time to adapt to our own creativity and productivity. And, even with the few persons who accept the “fact” that our experienced wrlds are totally subjective (we experience and behave DIRECTLY from patterned neural-molecular activity in our brains/bodies); we can’t avoid behaving as if we directly perceive an objective world -THAT IS ALSO PERCEIVED SIMILARLY BY OTHERS (but who may interpret it differently). So, if others act strangely, it is because they are ignorant or deceptive.

Note: we never directly perceive others; we experience patterns in our brain/bodies that have been influenced by (hypothetical) energy signals from others onto our sensory organs. Some of the time, what we experience is sufficiently similar to what others “experience”, so as to have no problems.

Our brains worked well with the complexity of tribal life and environments. (1) Our brains haven’t evolved to meet our current needs (which is unlikely without DNA manipulation – for which we are not yet knowledgeable to perform correctly – even if we have the tools to do it) AND (2) We have yet to design/engineer/emerge learning/organizing systems to seaf (support, enable,augment, facilitate) our contemporary brains to work better together.

Some persons can be so influenced by their own internal contexts as to actually experience others as saints or ogres. This is the confused state of most humans unaware of the basics of psychology: what they experience is believed to be objectively real. This causes great difficulty when they think they actually “observe” “meta-things” such as governments and corporations.

Fortunately, humankind – with its emergent visual languages – have created patterns (information) independent of the material nature of the substrate on which the pattern is superimposed (written).  I call these sems (semiotic structures).  What is unique about sems (from all other “objects” or “figures of attention” in the hypothetical material world) is that by gestures and language diverse persons can come-to-agree that two patterns are identical (although they will always differ on their “meanings”). This is not the case for any other “percept” in the universe. Sems are the magical key to accuracy and precision in communication. We have to explore this strange phenomenon and learn to utilize it in guiding the future, multi-millennial emergence of Humanity/Gaia on Planet Earth.

THE FUSE IS LIT – will Project DRAWDOWN be sufficient?

The fuse has been lit,
the bomb has been readied –
but we still have time.

Time to do what?
Stopping the Bomb & Extinguishing the Fuse
they are only OBJECTIVES.

What must BE DONE to stop a bomb or extinguish a fuse?


Many decades ago I learned this distinction when writing and reviewing grant proposals. Some applications called for statements about both “objectives” and “operations” (strategies and procedures for achieving the objectives). Many applicants claimed that performing their operations, as proposed, was equivalent to achieving their objectives. Some granting agencies accepted this unconscious deception. The procedures may or may not yield the stated objectives, but not achieving objectives is also a valid scientific accomplishment – indeed, this is the most common result of scientific research. Accountants managing the grants appeared not able to comprehend this distinction.

Also important was specifically stating the Operational Measures to determine whether the objectives were achieved, or not. Again, that the operations were performed – with no reporting of results – was sometimes accepted as a successful project.


Most humans confuse “identifying a problem” with “proposing a solution”; a favorite among politicians, editorialists, and journalists.

Unfortunately, for many humans, hearing about an objective implies that a solution exists – and is known to the person stating the objective.

“Stopping Climate Change”
is another objective,
not an action or even a strategy.

Project Drawdown : The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming – is a very useful endevour. BUT, it is not a strategy of actions for addressing climate change. It is a very large list of viable objectives, if achieved, might collectively lead to the end of our Climate Change Threat.  It is also a powerful resource to inform others about the issues; which will contribute significantly to achieving the objective.

How to get persons and institutions to organize and work in collaboration so as to achieve these objectives is OUR primary challenge – in a highly dysfunctional mix of social/societal systems, often in denial of the need and many openly opposed to the proposed drawdowns.

The vast majority of the global human population is not yet competent to comprehend these objectives or have the skills to perform the requisite actions..

The fragmented communication/media systems existing today renders educating/organizing populations very difficult, if not impossible.

Even Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything  assertion that humankind needs to transcend Capitalism (to avert Climate Change Disasters) is only an objective, not a proposed action or strategy.

It is the confusion of well stated objectives with viable action strategies (based on realities) that blocks progress. Action strategies (of the needed Magnitude/Scope/Complexity) require a Sci/Tech of human systems that, as yet, doesn’t exist.  The Sci/Tech of material systems, used in the Drawdown projects, are much more advanced, and sufficient to achieve their objectives. It is the task of motivating/training/guiding/organizing humans and human systems to actually perform these projects (beyond demonstrations) that is our primary challenge.

Project Drawdown is call for a script or choreography for a drama/dance, that if performed, would assist humankind surviving/thriving the challenges of our Crisis-of-Crises. But, it is NOT THE SCRIPT OR CHOREOGRAPHY. Nor does it help us know how to interest and train humans to do what is needed.

Only a Project UPLIFT, to systemically bootstrap the learning/organizing (OLLO) of human populations to the requisite knowledge/competencies to actually make manifest the many sub-projects in Project DRAWDOWN, can we be assured of a better future.

I let you to consider whether the trending shifts in political/economic perspectives and polices (from Trump/GOP in the USA to crises everywhere) gives you any confidence that Project DRAWDOWN will “fly”.

Project DRAWDOWN is a truly masterful production by highly talented and committed persons. Unfortunately, it may actually make “dodging the bullet of climate change” MORE DIFFICULT.   It will attract persons to become involved in these (important) projects, making it more difficult attracting others to support OLLO projects for Project UPLIFT (UP2Met).

It may be that the architects of Project DRAWDOWN are well aware of these issues and have objectives and strategies to meet these needs. The production of the book and online system for Project DRAWDOWN would be an wise initial task for a more comprehensive project involving how to seaf (support, enable, augment, facilitate) humans to actually, successfully design and implement Project DRAWDOWN.  But, Project DRAWDOWN will not necessarily lead to Project UPLIFT (which has its own rationale and contexts).

Kegan’s Theory of Development

Robert Kegan’s Theory of Human Development Randy G. Litchfield
Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Based on The Evolving Self (Cambridge: Harvard, 1982)


A person is as much an activity as a thing

People construct their realities; they are meaning making creatures

People move through periods of stability and change

People have two great yearnings that exist in life long tension:

To be included

To be independent


Development is evolutionary motion

Focuses on the changes in the way people differentiate between their sense of self and their environment–boundary issues

Development is a life long process of differentiation and integration

Movement to make meanings, resolve discrepancies, preserve and enhance personal integrity

Movement out of “embeddedness”

Development driven by responding to a complex world–encountering and resolving disequilibriums

Each stage of development is a theory of the previous stage

Development includes moving back and forth between inclusion and independence

Corrective to male/female dichotomies of development

We revisit issues but on new levels of complexity




Incorporative Self (Stage 0) Ending around age 2?

Self is: Reflexes (seeing, moving)

Self has: No separable objects to “have”

Child and environment appear to be extensions of one another

Ending of stage with permanence of objects

Impulsive Self (Stage 1) Ending between ages 5 and 7?

Self is: Impulses and perceptions

Self has: Reflexes (seeing, moving)

Reflexes are embedded in what coordinates them–perceptions and impulses

Only understand objects as they are presently perceived

Impulses acted upon because their is not a “self” developed to coordinate and control them–no ambivalence

Imperial Self (Stage 2) ending between 12 and 16?

Self is: Needs, interests, wishes

Self has: Impulses and perceptions

“Imperial” because there is an absence of a shared reality with others

Awareness of a private life–people don’t know what I’m thinking

Emergence of a self-concept, a consistent notion of “me”

I now have something to do with what happens in the world

Can’t imagine the feelings of other’s interior responses (empathy)

Only understand consequences of external behavior

What will happen if someone finds out

Others viewed in terms of meeting my needs, wishes, interests

Interpersonal Self (Stage 3)

Self is: Interpersonal, mutual with other people

Self has: Needs, interests, and wishes

Ability to negotiate my needs leads to mutuality

Enter into empathetic and reciprocal obligations

Person embodies many different voices

The self is the shared reality

Interpersonal but not intimate

“There is no self to share with another; instead the other is required to bring the self into being.”–You are the other needed to complete me

Not good with anger because it puts relationships at risk; instead feel sad, wounded or incomplete

Institutional Self (Stage 4)

Self is: Identity, “psychic administration,” ideology

Self has: Relationships with other people

Institutional as in regulating relationships; the self is an administrator of relations

Self-reflective of one’s roles, norms, and self-concept

Ideological state–Truth depends on a faction/class/group

Defensive when chaos threatens order/structure of the self

In Stage 3 the question is “Do you like me?”

In Stage 4 the question is “Does my government still stand?”

Interindividual Self (Stage 5)

Self is: A weaving of personal systems

Self has: Identity, “psychic administration,” ideology

I am not my work roles, career, duties; I have these but they are not me

Now there is a self who runs the organization

Understanding of the systems and groups that have shaped the person and of which the self is a part

Capable of seeking out information that causes changes in behavior

Capable of constructive negative judgements about oneself

Capable of intimacy because now there is a self one can give to others

Metaphors about the Shifts We Need

Brief metaphors about the magnitude of paradigm shifts we need:

The “vehicle” you are driving through life is having difficulty.
It will be critical whether you treat it analogous to a
CAR   or   HORSE.


What is “humankind”?
Are we using the appropriate “categories”?

What if “humankind”
doesn’t always function according to
the Laws of Logic & Physics?

What if everything everyone experiences
is part of Humankind.

“Objective Realities”
are conceptual, constructed/woven contexts
“created/emergent as maps”,
but always experienced within Humankind.

What the term, in our language, “Humankind” labels,
cannot be “defined” in a few paragraphs,
or even in a few books.

The “entity/meaning” (for “Humankind”) will emerge in our mind/brains
throughout our lives;
different “surfaces” for each,
but with a shared “essence”.

(Surfaces and Essences – Doug Hofstadter


This is NOT a shift to “consciousness/spiritual” perspectives.
It is a meta shift, transcendent of the duality of the
Material (matter/energy) vs Transcendent (mind/spirit).
Human REASONING will apply to both.

REASONing is a process of dialog,
with self or with others,
seeking REASONs for taking important actions,
within out Lives, within Humankind.

Reasoning doesn’t seek truth,
nor must be logically valid.

My interpretations of:
The Enigma of Reason, by Hugo Sperber   2017


The awesome Magnitude/Scope/Complexity [MSC]
of Humankind’s POTENTIAL,
at this juncture in our evolution/emergence,
is invisible to human experience;
so is not recognized or acknowledged.

Our POTENTIALS are expanding exponentially/fractically,
gaining in utility and viability;
meaningful only in the context of a
SCIENCE” of Humankind ,
not in the
science of material reality.

Our challenges in Material Reality
can only be adequately met
by a nu, uplifted Humanity,
metamorphosed from Humankind by

These potentials are evident only as patterns
in our collective semfields, primarily online.

These patterns emerge as Conceptual Schemes
that serve as contexts for our
Pictures / Scenes / Stories / Scenarios,
little to BIG.


our collective, symbolic/semiotic records (sems),
are the essential/critical “environments” for Humankind.

Conversations are temporary semfields, in sound.
Texts are symbolic patterns “printed” on material substrates.
Architectures are “shaped” materials, imposed “form”.

Our SEMFIELDS are as important
as our material ENVIRONMENT.

Today we witness the fragmentation
of our semfields,
as they expand into new media.

This is not a decay from a “ideal”semfield,
a “perfect state” of our myths.
Our semfields are yet embryonic,
in early stages of emergence.


is in the overlap of the
Material World and Humankind’s 7,000+ personal Wrlds.

are features of Humankind Science:
patterns in semfields,
experienced by humans.

Material Reality “exists” independent of humankind;
but, our experiences of Material Reality
are created by ourselves.


All the above points to a system of Perspective/Paradigm Shifts,
of equivalent importance as the:

GeoCentric to HelioCentric shift,
or the
Classical to Relativistic/Quantum shifts.

Humans + Semfields
as significant as
The Cosmological Universe