BT – Beyond Trump series

There is no rationale, as yet, to the order of postings.

I speculate that the future will cite 2016-17 as the beginning of a new era: temporarily labeled BT for Beyond Trump. {This is a variation on the recent proposal for establishing an era called the Anthropocene.]

This turning point is not really about The Donald, the person, Donald Trump – or even the complex interwoven themes of happenings leading to the election of Trump and his time as POTUS, which I have called The Trump Phenomenon.  TRUMP, the phenomenal brand , only highlights the “crossing of thresholds”, “achieving critical mass”, or “catalysts” that has radically shifted the course of humankind.

As I start this series I have no idea of what this new, BT era, will “be like”. Nor am I yet clear about the specific themes and their interactions (over centuries, decades, and years) that “pushed humankind over the edge”. There are many competing hypotheses.

Yet, from professional experts, diverse authorities, to everyone else, a flurry of theories abound, each making claim as THE TRUTH; others “throw up their hands” in despair and frustration, abandoning themselves to God or Fate.

Larry/nuet’s foundation and process is based on “positive ignorance” [—-]  . From my “savant condition” [—-], I  automatically seek alternative contexts & explanatory modes for every bit or byte of information considered.  Part of this is my belief in the “complementarity of perspectives” [—-].

Humankind has great inertia, like a large ship, and it may take years before the full significance of this Great Turning becomes evident to many.

However, OUR future is far from determined. Indeed, one interpretation of BT is the unraveling of many prior agendas, a rapid increase in both disorder and chaos.

These distinctions (chaos > order > disorder), seldom considered, is significant and critical for how we act in this nu BT Era.

Nu order emerges from chaos (in mythology, the “font of order”), which characterizes the changing “states” [—-] where order is coming to be, but not yet usefully manifest – which can cause us difficulty. Chaos is quite distinct from disorder (disruption or destruction arising from the decay and collapse of order).

As order begins to emerge from the yet not adequately coordinated components (chaotic), we are often frustrated because we don’t comprehend how, in complex/turbulent systems, order emerges at the edge of chaos. For activists, this chaos is quite distinct from the disorder experienced when infrastructures fail and no one seems to know what to do. That is NOT chaos, in the sense used here, but disorder. [Chaos vs Disorder]

Social/Societal Determinism
(new label for nu conceptual scheme)

Individual human creativity only influences the evolution/emergence of humankind collectively.  The settings for the innovators and the conditions for whether an innovation is accepted, promoted, and the extent of implementation is the primary determinant of the actual scenarios of happenings that characterize The Human Story.

Today I label this: Social/Societal Determinism. BT, I propose, arises through an interaction of our exploding technology and the contemporary configuration/distribution of human phenotypical competencies/limitations.  This seafed [—-] a resonance that matched unique persons (such as Trump) with the chaos/order/disorder of contemporary humankind in a Crisis-of-Crises [—-].

No individual human or group of humans “caused” this BT shift. However there are many hitech organizations with state-of-the-art technological assets and financing to design & implement complex (conspiratorial) plots. These never go as intended, but they do have impact. For example: 9/11 – in its full complexity. In line with DEEP THINKING, I speculate that these formal organizations are influenced by loose cabals of (what I call) “conspiratorial gangs” [—-].
What is needed, and What We Must Do, is to Design/Emerge a “break” in this Social/Societal Determinism.

I cannot forecast the specific nature of this series of blog posts. This initial posting format is temporary, as all writings remain as drafts.

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