Dear Friends, I don’t know where your minds are today. Mine is roaming new territories, discovery nu domains of reality emerging within humankind.  Amidst decay at every fractal-like level and place on planet Earth there is an equivalently massive explosion of new creativity of such variation to challenge our imaginations.

Kevin Kelly, in THE INEVITABLE, exposes me to the magnitude beyond BIG that has occurred and is occurring in the realm of digital creation. We have no useful access to this rapidly emergent nu reality – and hope we can soon, or it may destroy us.  The near infinity that EACH of us encounters, as we extrapolate, our positive “ignorance”, from what we know, is but a small part of a much bigger infinity. [Infinity is a process, not a number.]

Quoting from Chapter 7, FILTERING: “An exhilarating avalanche of new stuff is created every year. Every 12 months we produce 8 million new songs, 2 million new books, 16,000 new films, 30 billion blog posts, 182 billion tweets, 400,000 new products. About 180 million songs have been recorded on the planet.” All this with only a small percent of the population creating. The interactivity of these creators is minimal.  Imagine everyone uplifted and organized.

My latest insight is that humankind lacks CYBERNETIC BALANCE.


I propose that humankind has grown in terms of population and global distribution to form cultural/societal systems where the cybernetic competencies of both individual human persons and human social systems are not adequate to “handle” the information flows required for sustainability and viability of the whole of humankind, and major subsystems. Humanity must be designed to account for the real distribution of cybernetic competencies of humans, even when uplifted.


In a new humanity, humans agree to make social or societal decisions only if they adequately comprehend the issues and consequences. Our skin, bone, blood, and stomach cells don’t make decisions about our brains, lungs, or hearts! Some decisions require trained crews as unit decision-makers; individual humans lack the competency. Currently no human social system is cybernetically competent.  Each of us must learn our responsible functions in Humanity, unlearn our obsolete beliefs, and propagate this change, augmented virally, through the whole population.

CYBERNETIC UPLIFT has only to be ignited/catalyzed, meta-managed via OLLO, and it will sweep contemporary humankind in a decade.

————– discovering nu domains/disciplines:

I encountered this on TEXTURE as 4th Order Cybernetics. ( I just learned there are 3d and 4th orders of cybernetics.) It reminds me of Alex’s art.  I have no comprehension of what this says; as I have not studied it.

And, this long article seems from an alien reality:

I grok the proposal that we need to explore our realities with different topological contexts, and not assume the Flat Cartesian; but have no idea of what that would entail.  I skimmed this whole, long doc and read sentences here and there.  Yet, there is not one sentence in this long doc that has closure of meaning for me.  Each sentence seems to link – for meaning – to other parts of the document.  I first thought this doc a hoax, but then discovered that IOP is the Institute of Physics. Might this text be written on a different topology?  IOP has had an explosion of journals & books in the last decade:

Another wild one, with reference to Doug Hofstadter:

I have no time to explore these, and am more curious as to how such nu knowledge is exploding in other disciplines, sub-disciplines and sub-sub-disciplines. Do you detect a “strangeness” in these?

Author: nuet

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