Conserapedia & CAMERA
are phenomena to be investigated:
sophisticated right-wing propaganda.

They are “Wikipedia”-type gateways
to the Alternative Realities
of significant sub-populations in the USA.


Conspiracies have us think of “propaganda”
as strategic information aimed at
shifting the views of others;
enemies use “propaganda” on each other.

The real use of PROPAGANDA is to support
Indoctrination by Power Groups
so as to be able to control their populations.
Power Groups present their

Our MSM is “establishment” propaganda.
The above sites provide propaganda for the “right-wing” people.

This was the theme of a book in 1962
by Jaques Ellul:
PROPAGANDA: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes  (pdf)

Noam Chomsky‘s 1988
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media  (pdf)
is a “more modern” “history of propaganda” for the USA.

It has been a while since I thought of Ellul. It makes me think of the many writers I read in the 1960 & 70s that presented perspectives very relevant today, but no longer part of our discourse. {I need to make as list of these neglected resources – it goes with being 81.}

We continually confuse
the RECENT with the RELEVANT.

One Political Plaza is a site for anyone to post, but it reflects average persons right-wing opinions.

Future Hitler Ideology is a report on the relationship between Trump propaganda and other Fascist propaganda machines of the past.

The crazy comment threads to many online posts are not propaganda, in the sense used here – designed to influence – but reflects the type of discourse  witnessed in emergent propaganda fields.

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