FAMILY revisited

Here unfolds the conceptual scheme of “family”, by nuet to set the context for an analysis of Larry’s relationship to “family”.

Posit: FAMILY is the most important entity for biological survival for mammals, primates, and early humans.

Posit: FAMILY is the primary entity exhibiting mutual aide between members. Genetic relationships are dominant, but not required.

Human ability to conceptualize enabled survival relationships to spread to tribe, nations of similar tribes, and the confusion we call Civilization.

Today, for many humans, FAMILY remains the primary entity for personal psychological identity. Member health, habitat, resources, and security – for the family is what dominates the personal attention of family members.

Rising to compete with family are the uniquely personal interests of members.  Such interests can be their personal conscious experiences, their creative insights, infatuation with specific others, activities or ideas, dedication to an ideology, or player in societal systems. This list is not exclusive.


The above conceptual scheme was constructed for Larry/nuet to re-examine his life and work.

I (Larry/nuet) just (06/13/16) recognize that my primary attention has never been to family. This is consistent with my failure to identify with any roles: son, husband, father, lover, employee, student, teacher, scientist, physicist, philosopher, etc. I never considered a career. This may be due to my lack of mental imagery in all sensory modalities, and how I compensated for these disabilities – developing a “savant” nature of high, specific abilities & disabilities.

My current realization is that my significant other has her primary attention to our “family”, as she imagines it – often in fantasy. It also dominates my 48 year old daughter – because she lacks the “family” she desires.

I give some time and attention to our family needs. I water the plants, vacuum & mop the floors, shop for needs, care for others’ health, care for our pets (who are part of our family), and budget daily on Quicken. I have stated that I refuse to assume other habitat centered responsibilities. I also give time and attention to the creative interests of other family members, and contribute money to their activities.

Again, it comes to my attention that no family member has assisted me in any way for what most interests me. None have the slightest interest in what I do – except that I spend too much time sitting at the computer.

This is not their fault. I have never successfully worked in a team. I have never worked closely with another person on a project that I had conceptualized.  I have attempted to organize teams and enlist the aide of others – but was never successful.

—-to be continued   06/27/2016

Author: nuet

01/24/1935. BS-physics RPI 1956; MS-physics UofChicago 1958; PhD-physics Yale 1965; PhD-Edu Psy Uof MInnesota 1970. Auroral Research Byrd Station, Antarctica 11/1960-02/1962. MINNEMAST curriculum dev 1964-68. Woodstock. faculty Pima Community College, Tucson 1974-1997. Transdisciplinary scientist, philosopher, educator, futurist, activist. PC user since 1982. "Wife". daughter, 2 grandsons. 5 dogs & 7 cats. Lacks mental imagery in all sensory domains.