I often “shout” – raise my voice. Some is due to my hard of hearing. I am often told to stop shouting on the telephone, when I, only then, recognize that my voice was loud. I was not intentionally shouting. But, in conversation with E I appear often to not be heard, so when I don’t get any acknowledgement, I raise my voice. E always insists she hears me and has responded, often with an almost invisible gesture.

I also “SHOUT” in “anger” when I believe I am being emotionally “dissed”. This I am immediately aware of and am embarrassed. This is never consciously done, but it does happen. It sometimes leads to the others also raising their voices, and it occasionally turns into a “shouting match”. This happens only with family members, never with friends or strangers.

Today, in an email, a friend wrote: “please stop shouting at me”. It part, it was probably a reaction to my immediately prior email, which was in ALL CAPS. This was by accident. I was rushing to finish our email dialog and just happened to have my keyboard set to all caps.

This alerted me to my blindspot that many persons do interpret ALL CAPS as shouting. Many years ago I was severely chastised for using font variations in my online messaging. I believe we have not yet begun to utilize the potentials of digital visual communication and seem to insist on practices we acquired because of the limitations of the printed word.

Yet, if others read my message as SHOUTING, then I need to take measures to match my messages according to each recipient’s personal preferences. These are difficult to know and often messages are read by many persons.