Reply to Peg Wortman’s Queries 05/30/2016

Initial dialog was on a FaceBook  thread in the CONVERSATION group hosted by John Kellden.  Peg is 90  Larry is 81


Peg Wortman Larry, I read your blog and am interested in you, your limitations, and what seems to me your wanting to reach to other minds and make contact.

    Yes, Peg, I actually seek more than contacts, but contacts are the first step in catalyzing a new “movement”, a wave to spread through the whole of humankind. Yet, as you see from the length of this reply, there is more psychologically involved.  I am projecting out, to you and to others who might read this.  Yet, I am deeply interested in the details of the lives of others. I have not read many biographies during my 81 years, but I now realize EACH PERSON has much more depth than their public stereotype shows. At this moment I am deep into Richard Dawkins, and have recently posted to my blog.  I would be very interested in learning of your 90 years adventure. nuet’s emergence as been a balance of what I have learned from others, but organized uniquely.  Persons, Ideas, and Events are the cornerstones of my life.

    Some of the best books I have recently read about specific ideas, were woven in the autobiographical tale of the author. I have been tempted to do this. Unfortunately, all my ideas are interdependent and are beyond containment in even a large book. They require both nested (outliner) and networked (hypertext) organization, and should include visuals as well as videos of me and others in dialog. It would function as an online learning/educational expedition, where the learner/educators contribute. This long held dream is now well beyond my ability to manifest – but teams might.
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