Strategies-of-Strategies for Crises-of-Crises

Solutionatiques for Problematiques

whatever we do
a more competent, knowledgeable, compassionate, organized
would be a positive.

why then, is improving humankind
not a primary intent of activists;
but treated as a consequence that will follow
actions from our  current levels/distribution of competencies?

possibly because activists
have a greatly inaccurate assessment of
the real potentials of OLLO
(Organizing-for Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing),
partly due to their own negative experiences with

partly also, because
activists avoid longterm/global STRATEGY thinking,
mis-interpreted as too “top-down”, too complex, rigid planning,
and where they lack “expertise”.

Because activists talk about “systems thinking”
they assume they are sufficiently knowledgeable and
are already applying that knowledge to their activism.

The quality/extent of our activism
must be commensurate with the

of our challenges.


No “activist
(person, team, community, sysnet, or movement),
no matter the high quality of their tactics, strategies & commitments,
can succeed in achieving their objectives/goals
without viable & sufficient
with fellow “activists
(persons, teams, communities sysnets, or movements),.

is a temporary label for the “whole” of our intended endevour,
including both mind and body,
conscious & pre-conscious, social & societal,
extended in-time and in-space.

Our CHALLENGE is beyond experiencing;
but can be “embedded” in the “whole” of humankind,
pre-consciously collectivised as potential,
capable of actualization.

of our
is far, far beyond
what humankind has ever previously encountered.
No previous solutions will work,
as our challenge is NOT A PROBLEM to solve.

No person or group, no matter how accomplished,
can adequately comprehend at the requisite MSC levels.

The awesome MSC & Beauty of “Reality”
is far, far beyond the full cognitive grasp of humankind,
let alone individual humans,
in this early stage of our evolution/emergence.

On The Other Hand,
Humankind’s readily actualizable potentials
are more than adequate.
Awareness and acceptance of this gift is blocked
by our addiction to the myth of
Individual Consciousness as THE CENTER.

CHALLENGE  = (commensurate) = Crises-of Crises

Piecemeal activism
within the context of
the Problem/Solution paradigm
will not suffice.
We must do more than “think outside boxes”,
we must abandon the nested boxes metaphor as inadequate.

This meta-perspective is not new.
It is behind Second Order Cybernetics‘s Law of Requisite Variety,
and behind the Club of Rome‘s thinking
about Limits of Growth.
However, it is much more than these, and
has yet to be utilized by our best actions.

Activists do much that is good, relevant, & necessary;
but there is much no one is doing, that is ESSENTIAL.
Few, if any, propose such doings,
none are adequately pursued,
and most deny the need, if they comprehend the need.

WHY?  – later


APPLICATION for Earth Change Crisies-of-Crises

Earth > Climate > Warming
Climate Change is unique in its potential catastrophic impact,
and the very short timelines for action.

our Climate Change Crisis-of-Crises is not
what changing climate will do to Humankind/Gaia,
which is the effect, not the cause.
Our primary Challenge
is to radically change the thinking/behavior of humankind,
so as to implement the many viable actions
humans can take to quickly stop
greenhouse gas increase in the atmosphere,
and moderate the effect of existing Climate Change.

No amount of Sci/Tech innovation relevant to Climate Change
will be meaningful to our Crisis/Challenge unless they are implemented,
which will require the participation of
the whole of Humankind.

Our Current Situation
It should be evident that:

1) Most leaders and people don’t comprehend
the criticality of our Crisis-of-Crises.
The world they “know”, patterns of activity in their brain,
simply don’t contain the relevant information
organized in a manner to be comprehended.
Their worldviews are reinforced by their environments
with deep defense mechanism that resist change.

2) No means
currently being used or proposed to be used,
working within the current societal and infrastructure systems can
significantly change this global distribution of worldviews.
Even our “best” remain trapped in information silos and
calls for collective actions don’t gain traction.
Many complain, but no one is really ready to change.

3) There is no evidence any “miracles” can happen.
“Awakenings” never occur as imagined.
Even if they did, what
competencies humankind would possess when awakened, and
what they would quickly need to learn,
has not been seriously considered.

4) Likewise, i
t is  pipe dream that humankind would
quickly re-emerge in sustainable systems
after a major collapse.
Disaster can mobilize small groups of people to
take powerful collective actions for survival,
but this is never the case for large, diverse populations.


To act in ways we haven’t done before or
currently planning to act.


1) Human, human social/societal systems, “human nature”, Humankind
are not as our best, established scientific minds claim.
The diversity of views on “humanness”
by the varied cultures on Earth is very great.

The Sci/Tech of human systems
(systems where human persons are basic components)
is far, far, far less developed
than the Sci/Tech of material systems
where human person are not components
(cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, geology).

2) A new Sci/Tech of human systems is
“bursting at its seams” to rapidly emerge.
Much of our quality, partial knowledge of human systems
needs only to reinterpreted and organized,
to lead the whole of global humankind
on an UPLIFTing expedition
to rapidly acquire the requisite
insights and competencies
to “dodge the bullet” of catastrophic Climate Change.

3) Humans are “paradoxical”:
they are both
very resistant  & very easy
to change.

Changing human thinking and behavior
doesn’t require great amounts of physical energy;
uplifting humankind’s collective cognitive competencies
won’t worsen Gaia or aggravate Climate Change.

Personal & Social change must be integrated,
and progress spirally to higher and higher levels.

We now have the intelligent technology
to determine and account for
the vast cognitive diversity within humankind.
This will greatly accelerate
the emergence of a nu Humanity.

4) UPLIFTing Humankind is not a top-down process,
it will not be directed or managed by elites.
It will be generative, bootstrapping, & self-organizing,
but not grassroots or bottom-up, either.

Emergent nu Humanity
will be both nested and networked
(systems, networks, holarchies, ecologies).

Patterns, Personal to Planetary,
are all real & relevant.
(neighborhood, community, region, …. , global)

The nu humanizing process
will be designed to “go viral”.
The designing will be continuous, and
participated in by all.

No mass organizing or broadcasting.
Recruitment of new members to the UPLIFT movement,
will be by small team invitation of persons,
with personalized orientation and meaningful involvement.
The process for each person,
within UPLIFT, for all time
must be personalized.
It will also be tailored to
different cultures, languages, and situations.

The whole UPLIFT process can grow exponentially,
involving a majority of humankind in a decade.
This, seemingly impossible objective is accomplished
by utilizing more accurate Sci/Tech knowledge about humankind.
Also, the first task/responsibility of a new member
is to be part of a team recruiting new members.
to ensure exponential growth.

Exponential population growth
of the UPLIFT movement
is the prime factor,
in view of our Crisis-of-Crises.

Ensuring UPLIFT is always
the best possible process for all
will best ensure its success.

< < < < |MORE TO COME| > > > >

The above is not sufficient to convince anyone,
no small or even large presentation will suffice.
That we continue attempting to influence anyone
with singular processes is one root of our difficulty.

We need a new sharing/educational process/system:
(Organizing-for Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing)

Author: nuet

01/24/1935. BS-physics RPI 1956; MS-physics UofChicago 1958; PhD-physics Yale 1965; PhD-Edu Psy Uof MInnesota 1970. Auroral Research Byrd Station, Antarctica 11/1960-02/1962. MINNEMAST curriculum dev 1964-68. Woodstock. faculty Pima Community College, Tucson 1974-1997. Transdisciplinary scientist, philosopher, educator, futurist, activist. PC user since 1982. "Wife". daughter, 2 grandsons. 5 dogs & 7 cats. Lacks mental imagery in all sensory domains.