PLEASE, if you have access to those working on the Bernie Sanders campaign, please get this suggestion to them.

  • Run your presidential campaign as a formal Presidential Executive TEAM. This might insure VICTORY.
  • Select your VP, cabinet members and other key presidential appointments NOW, and promote them as a well organized team, during your campaign. Have them campaign for your team.
  • Set up, with the assistance of NCDD (and other orgs), an interface with your “public” on these matters.
  • Select advisers and legislation drafters, and have teams working on laws/bills ready to submit the moment you take office.
  • Begin to function as a SHADOW GOVERNMENT.
  • Promote the position that no single person can “be President”. A “presidential administration” is always a team – make this explicit. [The power of dictators depends on their teams; Democracy is a team activity.]

Possible Downside: voters may object to one of your team members, and reject YOU.

  • The logic of giving voters a very small set of criteria to decide, may not always be the best decision. You may gain far more votes by doing this than you would lose. This is a technique to attract new persons to vote. You may actually be able to do somethings that are meaningful – beyond simple “politics”.
  • Voters may be attracted to you because of others you have on your team.

Issue: Some of your invited team members may initially refuse to join the team

  • Design and implement a quality educational program for your campaign. Go beyond slogans to attract reaction.  Don’t just organize voters, organize campaign workers and create a competent constituency to be active during your term in office. Assist the learning of citizens as to the complexity of reality, to go beyond simplistic solutions.

Author: nuet

01/24/1935. BS-physics RPI 1956; MS-physics UofChicago 1958; PhD-physics Yale 1965; PhD-Edu Psy Uof MInnesota 1970. Auroral Research Byrd Station, Antarctica 11/1960-02/1962. MINNEMAST curriculum dev 1964-68. Woodstock. faculty Pima Community College, Tucson 1974-1997. Transdisciplinary scientist, philosopher, educator, futurist, activist. PC user since 1982. "Wife". daughter, 2 grandsons. 5 dogs & 7 cats. Lacks mental imagery in all sensory domains.