International games of nation-states continue as speculative contexts for contemporary activity in local regions such as the Ukraine, Iraq/Syria/Iran, Israel/Mid-East, BRICS, etc. US-MSM (Main-Stream-Media) comment at levels below this context.

Four recent urls attracted my attention, relevant to this extended context:

Dmity Orlov on the Russian National Character. An interesting and possibly relevant aspect for assessing longer term behavior of Russia and Putin. It remains speculative as to the relative power of “character” vs “unique circumstances” in these special times. MSM caricatures of Russia in US-MSM are highly distorting.

William Engdahl on the longer term pattern of China policy.  Many of the contemporary issues become moot in these longer term considerations.  It is not that contemporary outcomes can’t be significant – but that their significance is in the context of the longer term process (if they remain relevant – we may be in too much chaos).

Walter Uhler provides a good summary of the complexity of issue on Ukraine and the extraordinary distortion by the US-MSM. Although I have no articles to reference, I believe the plummeting oil prices are integral to longer term planning – but by whom and why remains complex and confusing. I don’t fully believe that Putin is innocent or not dangerous, but that the USA-EU spin if far from the “truth”.

One of many speculative scenarios: US strategy for regime change in Russia.  Have tactics shifted to more false flags, persistent lies, high risk actions? The Countervailing Forces vs Conspiratorial Leadership extreme perspectives/models may not represent alternatives but concurrent games on the field of chaos.

I am coming more and more to grok that “THE WHOLE” doesn’t fit well into any of our explanatory models. The high CSC [Complexity, Scope, Criticality] pushes our contemporary models beyond their domains of applicability. In analogy to how exploring the very small (quantum) results in weirdness, so enhanced CSC may have pushed “reality” across some fundamental thresholds.

We are now playing this exciting game, where all fundamentals are open to doubt and where our reality is far more interesting than any fiction. Planet Earth is rapidly becoming a Weirdly Alien Place.  This is not new to us humans; as we gained new competencies we repeatedly discovered that REALITY ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE.  But now, this discovery is coming frequently, within one lifespan, and accelerating.

This actually can be to our advantage. Many of the DANGERS we believe “real and persistent” may actually evaporate within reality shifts, while OPPORTUNITIES emergent within our Crisis-of-Crises shift from impossible to “ready to apply”.

CAUTION:  Don’t assume that we can soon comprehend this new, changing reality. Science must abandon its arrogance of claiming near to “knowing everything”. Also, don’t assume that “this” is what you have “been working on”.  We have all groked, in some ways, SHIFTS and AWAKENINGS.  Treat them as discoveries during infancy. Be open to personal shifts and discoveries beyond any previously experienced. Never accept a shift, even a very major one, to be the last.

What changes must WE make to utilize these insights?

Author: nuet

01/24/1935. BS-physics RPI 1956; MS-physics UofChicago 1958; PhD-physics Yale 1965; PhD-Edu Psy Uof MInnesota 1970. Auroral Research Byrd Station, Antarctica 11/1960-02/1962. MINNEMAST curriculum dev 1964-68. Woodstock. faculty Pima Community College, Tucson 1974-1997. Transdisciplinary scientist, philosopher, educator, futurist, activist. PC user since 1982. "Wife". daughter, 2 grandsons. 5 dogs & 7 cats. Lacks mental imagery in all sensory domains.