One view of a new local economy for the USA is presented in a 5 minute, quality animated video. Although I have no objections to the scenario portrayed, it left me empty.  Is this the New American Dream, a Lite Consumer Economy? Time freed up from employment is channeled into self employment for lite consumerism. The proposal continues our econo-centric paradigm. Yes, there will be more time for rewarding human relationships and artistic endeavors.  It that IT, staying alive and enjoying it?

It also implies that collaborating persons, in families and communities making this transition, will be sufficient to tame or fix the exploitive economy: MAKING IT HAPPEN. This proposal is very much out of context, as are most comtemporary visions and proposals for a positive future.

This is a very delicate issue. Economic sustainability and positive human relationships including artistic facilitation ARE very important values. But, they are not enough, far from sufficient.

If we are to survive/thrive we need a much more attractive vision, a vision commensurate with the complexity/scope/criticality of our dangers & opportunities.  Even if humankind weren’t in the throes of internal collapse within the real threats of Earth Changes (more than global heating) and we didn’t have such psychopathic and dysfunctional leadership – our real challenges would still be very great.

I am in full support of continuing the vision portrayed here, creating sustainable, lite, local communities; but not with expectations that such local actions will, themselves – eventually, lead to fixing our very sick societal system (local to global). Instead these actions can create living/working environments for those many others engaged in many other projects requisite for the whole change we need.

Those dedicated and competent in creating/maintaining local support systems cannot expect everyone to participate full-time in that process.

The “more” is well beyond the scope of a single text document.

Author: nuet

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