I am frequently told that I waste time reading and viewing the news, especially the bad news. I admit to wasting my time, but not with the news. The news may be a waste of time for others. But, I could become MUCH more efficient (reesee) in my news processing.

My news (which is special to me) is my window into the story of reality.  It is like viewing an exciting video drama or reading a novel you can’t put town.  There are many, many stories within stories with stories accessed through the news. The news is a gateway.

  •     My news are the new items of information I access each day. Some from radio, TV, printed paper, The Internet, and other persons.
  •     I attend to the news with the same interest I have when watching a video drama or reading a book. Follow the stories, real and imagined.

We are living in a most exciting drama, with every possible dimension that can be found in literature. And all the characters are excellent as they are only being themselves. These are stories told of real worlds and real persons, living and who have lived on this awesome planet.

The news is never just about recent events, or at least my news is not. Many news stories I encounter report on historical events with new insights. I learn how others envision their futures. Many news stories report on discoveries that lead back to other stories. News often reports of ongoing mysteries, of great conflicts, of people heroically facing challenges, interesting lives lived. Every story lived is potentially accessed through the news. The news is timeless, not only of the moment.

The stories I access through the news are reports of happenings and thoughts of persons – from the past, even if only a few seconds when it is live video. I don’t automatically believe that the reports are accurate.  I collect conflicting reports and compare them – but the objective reality is never 100% certain from the news.

I skim headlines (story titles) and abstracts (story plots) increasing my positive ignorance of what I don’t yet know or comprehend, or can’t yet do or appreciate. It is often difficult to avoid reading what would be of special interest but where other stories of greater relevance call. My strategy of accessing the news evolved over the decades as the nature of the news changed.

Reports are interpreted in the contexts of other reports – a nearly infinite web of semiotic structures, or sems – as I call them. There are stories about stories, how they are created, distributed, responded to, censored – and how the processes and structures of stories are changing with technology (which is itself an exciting story).

An entire species, humankind, is facing a crisis-of-crises – far beyond the scope of any epic novel – some with many levels of intrigue and plays at deception interrupted by occasional bursts of brilliant insights.

There is no part of the story that doesn’t interest me – but I can only sample an infinitesimal part, so I must be very selective. But not too programmed that I become blind to domains of great relevance (of my accurate assessment of the unfolding story and how I and we might begin to influence/compose this story with more {you provide the term}).

This was a recent insight. I no longer feel guilty when devoting time each day learning about the story I am living within and how I might learn to better contribute to that emerging story.

Larry/nuet  4/17/2014 12:05 AM

Author: nuet

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