Comment on: (EDM) Council’s FIBO Semantics Initiative

I enjoyed exploring the many aspects of your linked site, and downloaded it pdf. The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council’s FIBO Semantics Initiative. I have neither the time or competencies to explore the technological details; but I will share my first impressions.

This is obviously a product of the community of intelligent and creative, high tech people who created the technology that enabled the high financial sector to become top dog and (possibly unintentional) architect of the global financial collapse a few years ago. This system is needed for them to consolidate their power.. This being said, YWorlds should use this technology, or ideas gleaned from it, if worthwhile.

How far along is this project and will any of the details be available?  This may be far too ambitious for YWorlds as this time – I just don’t know.

Is the focus on financial data and processes an exemplar for the first intended users, but it can easily be generalized? Or, will it have structures that limit its generalization to other application domains?  ALL structures enable some domains and limit other domains. What kinds of knowledge and processes might this new technology prohibit?  Even if limiting, it could be used so long as the limitations were acknowledged and other systems used to complement.

Quick Aside: Related to YW, I just finished a book: IGNORANCE: HOW IT DRIVES SCIENCE, by Stuart Firestein. He and I agree on the new meaning of Ignorance. Ignorance, the queries and questions we have should be another set of SEMS for YW.  It is proposed that Ignorance be the top organizing system, with knowledge SEMS related to the Ignorance SEMS be linked. I intend to compose a separate doc on this.


Author: nuet

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