Glisten, I had this insight looking at your most recent graphic model posted in Y-World, and then looking again at some of your other maps/models.

String Theory in physics was invented after I left the discipline and have yet to find a good book to give me an adequate introduction. All I know is that instead of imagining the world composed of particles and space of points and time of momentary events – they are replaced by strings. Many equations of physics blow up as a variable approaches zero, or a particle to a point. Somehow making the most fundamental entity a string of finite length avoids the infinities that so disturbs mathematical physics.  I don’t know what spaces the string are in.

What might visual maps look like if what we normally represent as nodes, with names or closed shapes we represent as strings or threads or ribbons. At places a number of strings may weave as a rope, and ropes as cables There can be knots, special weaves, and places where many threads converge..  Along a string their thickness (width of ribbons) could vary, indicating a variable value for that thread.

I have no idea whether maps with woven threads could be aesthetic or useful.

I have long avoided viewing human traits as boxes or categories. It is hard to put a person in more than 2 or 3 boxes and have that useful.  On the other had, view each person as a weave of many threads representing traits. For some traits the thread may be very, very tin – in some situations; and thick in other situations.

Our lives are complex weaves of many threads from conception to death. Our life-lines weave with other life-lines.  Wish I could visualize these.


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