Can the Military solve Climate Change?

The following I put in a comment re the position proposed by Channon in the video:

IMHO Channon is highly distracting from the real issue: who can make the right decisions to stop global heating and prepare for restoration? Who would tell the military (if they exist, then) what to do? The global corporate world? There are speculations that the global elite are willing to let climate change happen but make their own lives tolerable – which is what Channon’s scheme would facilitate. Although Climate Change is the most serious threat threat, primary action must be to radically change our global societal system’s decision making process, which currently must continue high profits (much from not counting ecological destruction as a cost) and exploitation. As I pointed out during the first Earth Day many decades ago, climate change is the effect of dysfunctional human systems; a point that was ignored then, and now. Human systems must be changed before anything meaningful can be done about Climate Change.

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It appears that the military involvement in Climate Change is part of the new global elites' approach: ADAPTATION.  Gambling that they can keep climate change from going catastrophic, the elites will begin a major makeover.  I won't speculate here on various scenarios, but I speculate that the next four years will see Obama take the lead with the Adaptation scenario, and maybe activate more emergency powers.

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