DOUBLE WHAMMY: The Donald’s Rise and Tucker’s Death

An hour after listening (lying in bed to NPR) to The Donald’s Inaugural promise of tyranny, I discovered the entrails and hair of my elderly, personally dedicated cat, Tucker. A valued member of my family has been taken from our backyard!  Gift or Omen?

I will comment, briefly, about The Donald’s short speech and possible futures, after first commenting on the tragic death of my dear Mister Tucker (Tucko). After which I will briefly speculate on the synchronicity of these two events and my personal future.

=========== TUCKER   


This morning I missed my 19 year old, very dedicated cat, Tucker, when feeding the other cats. He is usually the most insistent cat in talking to me about needing breakfast and waiting on his counter for food. I called him and walked about both front and back yards. I delayed my breakfast, and began scooping up dog and cat poo in the back yard – when I came upon a rather large tuft of hair, the color of Tucker. It had a small blood spot. I brought it in to show Eloise and she wasn’t sure it was Tucker’s; could have been our dog, Annie – who had problems and it may have been Annie’s hair.  I went back out, and found, near to where I found the hair, a clean, “shinny necklace” of intestines, and a few more tufts of hair, definitely Tucker’s. How had I missed it ?

Typical of human perception, we all often miss seeing, even what we are searching for. A few small pieces of intestines were later found in the house, having been carried in my the dogs. I put the hair and intestines in the freezer to bury later.

Quite a downer. Tucker had slept with me all night, and Eloise saw him inside after dawn.  During the night, well before dawn, the dogs barked loudly outside. Eloise says she went out and found it difficult to get her service dog, Piper, to come in. He was barking near where I found the intestines. Yet, Eloise claims to have seen Tucker after dawn; mystery. I just Google searched about predators that leave intestines.

Justice or Irony: Tucker, who caught and ate many birds in his long life, was finally taken by a bird, a hawk.

Online, the sites were questions by persons who found lone intestines. Most answers were typical stupid, social media trolls making fun.  No one was an expert and there were all sorts of speculations. There were pics of a hawk on a pole stripping intestines from a small rodent and dropping it on the ground. There were claims that a hawk wouldn’t try to kill a cat. But Tucker was old and frail, and not too alert, and I believe he was taken by a hawk – which we have flying around, periodically.

I expected Tucker to die any time, but his death this way is both “natural” and tragic.  I will truly miss his sitting by me when I eat, putting his paw out for food. I gave him little pieces. His sitting on my lap whenever he could. Sitting on my mouse pad while I worked on the computer. Lying close to me in bed as I petted and stroked his head and body. He followed me around the house, and moved with me in the backyard when I cleaned up after the animals. Tucker and I truly related being-to-being, old friends eldering together. In his old age he shit on the floor and I waited until he finished and immediately cleaned up. This was usually in the middle of the night: the smell would wake me. He was very, very thin, but ate volumes every morning and all day. He was metabolizing most of his food.

More than a decade ago, when Tucker was young and lived with me and his mother, Cinnamon, frequently we would freely roam the open desert with my two dogs, Rebus and Freckles. Now all four are gone from my life.  (later insert video)

NOTE: Although I can’t find belief or solace in the possibility of afterlife or reincarnation, and am fully OK with an final ending of being; I do speculate on a possibility of what I might call “time frozen lifepaths”. In a “second” time dimensions, there “exists” the “consolidated” presence of each living being, from conception to death.  In a “psychic-like” process, they can weakly interact with other beings (both living and also “frozen in time”, past and future).

This process can account for all the authenticated reports of reincarnation of newborns with recently deceases relatives.  I accept it as my own created feeling, but I “feel” the presence of Tucker within me as I write. “Hi there Tucko.”

I don’t emotionally “miss” Tucker (or anyone else) unless I look at his picture or at a place where I would expect him to be. It may be that visual imagery is necessary for emotional feeling of loss. Without mental imagery, I am free from spontaneous feelings of emotional loss.

========= 3d SYNCHRONICITY

Eloise and I viewed the film, Manchester by the Sea, as an escape from the day’s events. This movie is an excellent study of how humans react to loss of the life of persons close to them. My insight during the movie related to my recent reading of the book, Sapiens, was how all prior and contemporary humans were/are not adequately equipped with “knowledge of psychology and self” and access to social/societal support systems to adequately assist them confronting the frequent tragedies of life, especially in collapsing civilization.

============ THE DONALD

As I write this, The Donald has been POTUS for only a few days. I am cautious that future insecure online postings may lead to “trouble” if they contain certain key words & phrases. In my opinion, none of the best TV analysts “saw what I saw” in the inauguration speech. I will comment in detail elsewhere. Briefly:

I speculate that the main inauguration speech was not authored by The Donald, but by his “handlers” (probably “bankers”).

I speculate this is NOT another campaign speech, as reported by pundits. I propose it is a carefully constructed ideological manifesto.

There is no means for “the people” to, now CONTROL the government/country as was claimed.  Indeed, their influence is continually being reduced. Persons can input to government only by applauding The Donald in rallies or tweets, and by voting for him.

The Donald, his handlers, or GOD will decide on the needs of “the people”, and whether they are being adequately “served”.

Unity within Diversity is rejected by omission. Unity by forced adherence to a limited ideology is promoted.  Loyalty to this ideology is required by all, which defines “citizens”.

I speculate that all objections to “his rule”, let alone resistance, will be treated as “treason”. Such persons will be identified in tweets and “justice” may be met on them by true believers among “the people” (most who will avoid even identification). Many persons may quickly become intimidated.

I have no knowledge of the specific intents or actions or of the strength and dedication of potential resistances. Certainly the worldwide gatherings and marches on Jan 21 were “more than” impressive.  Yet, The Donald and his press agent claiming the crooked media altered photos of those attending his inauguration hints to pressures he may attempt to employ. We may face a war with Faked Reports.  I make no specific forecasts.

==================== PERSONAL

Tucker’s care was the most important excuse I had for not going away for even a short vacation. Thank you, Tucker, for releasing me to act as I need related to my concern about the future of humankind. Is your passing a positive gift?

The same may apply for the global trend towards “populism” and “dictatorship”; releasing us from the futile attempts at “fixing the system” and needing to immediately/seriously consider more “radical” alternatives.

It is possible that the types of activity envisioned in UPLIFT and OLLO may be relatively secure, even under a dictatorship that oppresses all criticism, protest, and resistance. So long as our UPLIFT activity doesn’t directly threaten the existing order and doesn’t promote itself by broadcasting in the media, it may be ignored. Details on this elsewhere.

I am not opposing resistance and protest, as it will occur and may tame the tyranny some – but, could also make it worse. And, I hope to be pleasantly surprised by new levels of organization that may emerge.

What I propose is, for those few who may desire to work towards a different challenge, a “Plan B”. An initial alternative action will not drain any significant resources or talent for more direct protest or resistance, and may even provide some useful seafing.

OBJECTIVITY, in Digital Cyberspace

All we observe about the world beyond our immediate, perceptual field, are reports by other humans, processed to be viewed on screen or paper, or listened to, in our immediate environments. Almost all of this “information” is now digital at some stage.

Anything digital can be counterfeited, faked, warped at levels of sophistication (given resources, time & talent). Even trusted reporters can be hacked. Authentication processes can be hacked or faked.

We (activists for a better humanity) must remain alert and critical of all reports; yet, reports are THE source of what is happening beyond our small, personal domain.


At the time of this writing, 12/22/2016, there are two sets of reports about whether Russia “hacked” and whether it determined the election of Trump. Both sets have political motivation and neither set can be trusted as “objective”.  Further, this debate may be a distraction from more relevant happenings.

OBJECTIVE FACT: The election of Trump as POTUS was fraudulent, independent of who were the actors. Given the “close”, “objective” vote count, any “fake news” against Hillary would have been enough to sway the election. The election WAS stolen in favor of Trump: who & why remain queries. It is not necessary to “objectify” the material actions to conclude: If the American population had been permitted to vote on  their (distorted) assessment of the issues, they would have chosen Hillary over Trump. That Trump WON was due to hacking the system.

This is not saying that Hillary’s message wasn’t deceptive, or that any electoral process with an uninformed voter population should be considered valid. Claims by Trump supporters that we all must accept the “democratic” results are deceptive. Trumps didn’t win by a landslide.

What to make of the debate about Russian Hacking?

It was to Russia’s benefit that the hacking occurred, whether they were the material authors or not. Both the Russians and other leaking info may have occurred.  BUT, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. It is not valid to claim that Trump’s election was LEGITIMATE, and thus to oppose any “review” of the election. To permit Trump to become POTUS is to accept the electoral process as valid, when it wasn’t.

Claiming Russian hacking, is a political technique by those attempting to Stop Trump, an expected operation. Some may fear a Hillary administration, re potential war with Russia, and favor the Trump Deception for that narrow reason.

I don’t know where I am going with this sem. I am very concerned about the changes a Trump POTUS will implement. I view pundit commentary as naive, at best.

Using the possibly “objective fact” that Russia didn’t directly release the Clinton emails to attribute legitimacy to The Trump Phenomenon, is not a wise move.




FASCISM re-defined

dictatorship not required

Corporations have engineered the definition of fascism to highlight  governmental authoritarian rule, usually with a individual dictator – with implication that corporations are also under the dictator’s rule. This is not the case, except – sometimes – at the end of rule. The corporations manipulate the dictatorial system, but the inside propaganda (for the people) claims the dictator is in fully in charge. It is a corporate sponsored myth that a single person can actually dictate a nation. The dictator is manipulated to believe he is really in charge. A dictator is always at the mercy of his most trusted lieutenants.

One person can command only to the extent that he can get others to obey down a chain-of-command. It must be in the interest of those in the chain-of-command to be willing to obey the dictator. Those below the dictator agree that the image of MAN-IN-CHARGE, is necessary and a relationship develops between the dictator and his chain-of-command.

American corporations’ continued relationships with Nazi corporations during WWII, many factories were not bombed, and The Marshall Plan resources went to the same corporations that supported Hitler. Some top leaders of the Nazi corporations were tried as war criminals, but the corporations continued. Many in the top chain-of-command in the Nazi system emigrated to the Western Hemisphere after the war ended.

The corporations also engineered the definition of other terms:  anarchism, socialism, democracy.

Democracy = Batch Process Voting for Elite Selected Candidates. This creates the myth that “the people” are the deciders. They only get to chose between competing elite systems.

Anarchism = Mutual Aide, Governance without Governments. That governments were not necessary for societies was heresy for the economic powers in the early decades of the 20th Century. Anarchism was feared far more than Communism.  The corporate controlled media branded anarchists as “bomb throwing nihilists”, from which the term and concept has yet to recover.

Socialism should simply mean that the whole society should be considered as primary, and not the economic subsystem; either as capitalism or communism.

According to the above definition of “fascism”, the USA (with Citizens United and the killing of the Voter Rights Act) may have crossed the threshold to being primarily fascism (as to this definition). The Trump Phenomenon is a move to give greater “forced control” over the population. The gridlocks between and within all three branches suggests that the “better aspects” of the USA are all but dead-and-gone. There is little evidence for a potential reversal of this process.


Have you noticed the lack of background about the large business empire now being discussed about Donald Trump. The focus is exclusively on his conflict-of-interest as POTUS. Months ago, the talk was about his failure to release his tax returns and about his businesses in the USA. His trip to inaugurate his Scottish golf course.  That he had business dealings in Russia was the first MSM hint of Trump’s international involvements. Suddenly we discover Trump towers rising in many nations.

The media initially questioned Trump’s real wealth, millions or billions; starting with challenging his claims of great wealth. The media doesn’t, now, discuss what his wealth might be with all his international businesses. What is going on? What Trump “businesses” have failed, and what are “succeeding”? Are the many Trump Building actually owned by Donald Trump or the business he shares with his children? Does the Trump Business actually construct and manage buildings having the Trump brand, or does it only promote the brand for the real owners? Enterprises like Trump University and his TV show were props for his brand marketing, many which didn’t do well.


On Sept 27, 2016 Frontline released a 2 hour program, The Choice: a uncensored history of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There are reported a number of unsavory deals and persons involving Trump’s early business years that have not been mentioned anywhere else in the media. But a blockbuster section beginning shortly into the second hour provides evidence that Trump is a failed businessman, and it claims that he doesn’t actually own most of the businesses that carry his brand: TRUMP. Donald Trump is a hired barker for bankers. He has no business competencies to be POTUS, as he falsely claimed during his campaign.

About 15 years ago almost all of Trump’s businesses were failing, he owed 40 banks over 3 billion dollars. These bankers met with Trump in Trump Towers to decide what to do with him. They all agreed that Trump was an incompetent CEO; but a great promoter.  His brand, TRUMP, was worth gold for the bankers. So, with his image “too big to fail” they continued to buy the TRUMP brand, but The Donald was no longer in charge of the businesses. I expect that The Donald owns a small percent of stock in “his” businesses and is permitted to tout them as HIS. It appears that the TRUMP businesses after this decision have basically succeeded – Trump no longer being CEO.  Trump and family have a business of selling his name – that is all.

The Frontline segments for this and other relevant urls can be accessed at the following sites and times, but the whole two hours are well worth viewing:
VIDEO   starting at 1hr/21min/53sec
AUDIO STREAM    starting at  1hr/14min/10sec

TRUMP BUSINESS   listing  (no mention of international businesses)

“Trump says his comeback began when he recognized a downturn in the real estate market and quickly asked banks to renegotiate his loans. “That decision was perhaps the smartest thing I did,” he wrote.

The six bankers and lawyers involved in the talks say the bailout wasn’t based on any overture Trump initiated with the banks – and the terms of the deal were dictated by what was best for the banks, not Trump.

Three of the participants say Trump didn’t acknowledge he had a problem until his lenders reviewed his books, realized he was on the brink of collapse, and summoned him for debt restructuring talks.

While much has been written about Trump’s financial troubles at the time, there has been little examination of his description of the bank negotiations in “The Art of the Comeback,” including his assertion that he chose to initiate those talks.”

One of Mr. Trump’s most lucrative initiatives has been the licensing of the Trump brand – and name. There are Trump-branded properties like towers and hotels in some 20 countries.

FAMILY POWER ANALOG => Aliyev. Azerbaijan’s President


Why is this information not being further spread in the media that is fearful of a Trump POTUS? How was it permitted in the Frontline episode, still being available online?

A query:


Donald Trump is not POTUS. POTUS will be the Cabal of Bankers with Trump as their frontman. This is a threat well beyond Citizen’s United. Conflicts-of-Interest will extend well beyond the personal interests of Trump & Family. THIS should be sufficient for the Electoral College to declare Trump ineligible. Anyone reading this please try to get this information to the Electoral College members and others concerned.

There is no unified “Wall Street”. Economic and financial forces are diverse and competitive, nationally and globally.

“Objective Reality” is in radical transition, but we humans don’t have direct access to it. We each create inner maps (wrlds) of simplistic stories in hope that they will be valid enough to guide appropriate action. Our old stories are no longer sufficient.

ALTERNATIVE BIG PICTURES. Every human is limited to access only information in their immediate environments, claimed to be about events elsewhere on Earth. Objective Societal-Reality is not observable; we only have access to reports. As we enter 2017, the ascendancy of Fake News and claims that THERE ARE NO FACTS, shoves us into a very dangerous, evidence free game. All that is left is personal opinions and beliefs, psychologically supported by engineered news within new media technologies. What is actually going-on is very hard to determine – we are limited to speculation based on what evidence based reports continue to exist.

Consider a highly speculative story, of competition between two global economic/financial cabals, represented by Clinton and Trump in the recent election.

The Cabal using Clinton: Their goal is to strengthen USA/West hegemony, if necessarily by force, to preserve the dollar, and to compete with BRICS over world dominance.

The Cabal using Trump: Their goal is a multi-centered global economy of corporate/nation systems that compete among themselves without war. There will be few international requirements on how each corporate/nation rules its population.

Neither Cabals are smooth running systems and there are many other forces at play than these two.

“THE PEOPLE” don’t exist

Do, “The People”, exist ?

For some years
I have avoided using the term “people”;
and use “persons” or “populations” instead.

What motivated me was the overly frequent misuse of the phrase, and its variations such as “The American People”, by politicians and media pundits. Unconsciously, they deceptively imply that the whole of a group or population supports what only a smaller subset of persons do support (or oppose).

In support of the term, “The People”, I remember stories of Native Americans referring to their whole tribe by terms that translated, in English, to “The People”.  Social systems with homogeneous cultures might be able to claim an almost universality to beliefs and assumptions within their populations. This cannot be valid beyond the tribe.

The cognitive diversity of “humankind” (term to label all humans and their cultural/social/societal systems) is far vaster than expected and the full range yet to be determined. Observable body differences is a small variation compared to our cognitive differences. Many cognitive differences are DNA inherited; many as propensities dependent on environments for their actualization. Cognitive diversity is so vast that it is improper to speak of an average or normal human, in terms of their cognitive functioning. In analog, we can’t identify the “average” dog, or bird, or house.

Use of “The People” masks this essential diversity. Even when “the people” refers to a well defined population (by only a few criteria) the variation within that population remains large. Remember, it is logically and scientifically valid to rank a population of entities only one characteristic at a time – and then the ranking refers only to that characteristic. The ranking of human persons as to “overall importance” should be outlawed, as invalid and deceptive; yet it is a common practice. This relates to the logical fallacy of identifying a person with a category. It causes conceptual trouble when we identifies a person as “a husband”, “a taxi driver”, “a Muslim”, “a Republican”, ” a criminal”, etc. We aren’t instantiations of categories, only members of them.

This and thousands of similar, small “errors” contribute to our current “Crisis-of-Crises”. My use of this term, Crisis-of-Crises, is to label but one (large) aspect of contemporary humankind. It should be noted that “Crisis” refers to both dangers and opportunities. “Crisis-of-Crises” also implies that the interaction of different “crises” may be as important as the “crises” themselves.

I borrowed the term, Crisis-of-Crises, from my old mentor  John Ryder Platt from his 24NOV1969 article in SCIENCE, “What We Must Do”.

Do, “PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS” exist – in the “real world”?

The Problem/Solution Paradigm is a successful strategy primarily in artificial or laboratory situations. There we sometimes can, by design, limit the number of variables “in the problem situation” so that an “action entailing only a few variable” will suffice, a “solution”.

Advancements in the material sciences (including biology) were many because the systems researched did submit to simplification into Problems with Solutions.

Systems with humans as primary components seldom meet this criteria: only a few independent variables. It is typical of humans to seek out a few “causes” and attempt to limit or control them – even when there are a great many contributory factors involved in how the system functions. All candidates in the 2016 elections made such claims, and it was to such limited thinking that motivated the voters.

Although The Club of Rome identified the limitations of the problem/solution paradigm more than five decades ago, and coined names for the real issues facing humankind (solutionateques for problemateques), there has been no significant advancement in creating processes for fully identifying problemateques and developing solutionateques.

The phenomenon I label “TRUMP”, both in the USA and globally, must shake us from our complacency about PEOPLE CREATING/SOLVING PROBLEMS as a grossly inadequate strategy for our survival/thrival. “WE” must begin to re-imagine humans and human systems confronting problemateques.

The “WE” must be “participatory democratic”, but only within those persons accepting this “reality” and challenge. WE should not attempt to promote “it” to the whole of humankind, until “WE” have a nu system/process working for “ourselves” What we might be doing will start being discussed in future posts.

Election Campaigns MUST be primarily EDUCATIONAL

ALL election campaigns are primarily PROPAGANDA, designed to influence poorly informed voters. There is almost zero effort to uplift the competencies of the electorate.

On reason to keep the electorate poorly informed and stupid (unable to reason) , is that all parties and mostly all candidates wouldn’t survive scrutiny by a properly knowledgeable electorate.

Study reveals

Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump

The new online media and citizen participation in cyberspace, provides a unique opportunity to seaf [support, enable, augment, facilitate) the competency of citizens. What is lacking are the insights and interest in this significant paradigm shift re politics.

Might we benefit from an OLLO Party?  Effective Organizing and Relevant Learning are complementary strategies for a nu PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY. The PARTY organizes around a PROCESS, not an IDEOLOGY.

OLLO = Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for Organizing. This involves “2nd order thinking”. Concurrently we must “Organize-for-Learning” and “Learn-for-Organizing”. They interact, and are not sequential.

OLLO-type process apps are needed !!!!!

UPLIFT is a THEME!  UPLIFT is far, far beyond learning facts and  routines. It involves “changing” the whole inner/woven/creative “WRLD” of each human person – in synchrony with the “collective” uplifting of everyone.; AND the Social/Societal/Cultural systems within which each person is embedded.

What did NOT happen, on November 8, 2016

The American people did

democratically select a strategy
for POTUS and the USA

for the next four years.

What they did (with little knowledge of what they were doing) was participate in a complex process (with many hidden components) that determined a specific human person who will (probably) assume the office of POTUS in January, 2017. That person may be Donald Trump, but there are possible scenarios where it won’t be Trump. And, it is likely that the process was manipulated and not conducted as to proper rules.

I am reminded of the Brexit vote in the UK.  A great many of those voting for Leave-the-EU had no idea of what that entailed and the consequences they might experience. Their referendum was also a complex process, severely limited in terms of what the voters learned about their choices and their consequences.  What the population learned after the vote, if they had known before referendum, “Stay-in-EU” would probably have won. Yet, there was no movement to hold another vote. Why not?

In this USA election 2016 few persons “adequately comprehended” what they were voting for-&-against; although most believed that they did.

Most Americans, even those directly participating in the campaigns, blandly believe that the outcome of the process must be accepted; even though there are multiple ways that the process may have been manipulated and hacked. Indeed, there is strong evidence that the total vote count in a few key states were altered in favor of Trump.

It isn’t the flaw of our Electoral College system, it is because that system can be manipulated to tip the election away from who would have won the Electoral College, without the manipulation. This, I believe was done in the elections of 2000, 2004, and now 2016. Is there any process to bring this to “trial”, and why isn’t it being done? Possibly any attempt would incite civil war.  Yet, many were concerned, before the election, that Trump would actually do something to derail the election, if he didn’t win.

Is it the tragic case, that there are no constitutional methods to question whether an election was honest, or how to fix the outcome? The gross inadequacy of our “heralded” Constitution is being revealed. The American Constitution has no Teeth!

Electoral Democracy in the USA is a grand farce. I say this not because I fear one candidate over the other. I have no confidence in knowing what a Trump POTUS will do, or what a Clinton POTUS would have done. I can imagine strong negatives for each, and some positives for each. I am also totally convinced that neither would/will do what I believe must be done to avoid the slow slide into oblivion for humankind/Gaia in the next few decades.

For me, whatever the next four years brings, I and others must treat those happenings as the societal environment within which our alternative, uplifting/learning/organizing “movement” will engage/move-through.

Although it will not be our primary goal to reform the established orders, we must be aware – in sufficient detail – of our critical societal environments created by those established orders; so our actions can be optimally successful. Our societal environments will contain both dangers and opportunities, toxins and resources.

There are so many different dimensions to the farce, that one might laugh if it weren’t so serious.


POTUS is not all powerful. Even with the House and Senate Republican, there is no guarantee that Trump can do anything he wants. The President of the United States is not dictator or King. Democrats are organizing to slow Trump/Republican actions, as the Republicans have done for Obama.

It is unlikely that Trump can have the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, or FBI take actions that the leaderships of these entities strongly oppose. Nor can Trump move for legislation or actions that major corporate forces oppose.

And, if I read my history correctly, presidents have been assassinated if they threaten too radical change. The “ship” of the USA is massive, with great inertia and resilience.

On the other hand, what power does a new POTUS have in creating his own, new Executive System. Might they write their own “Plum Book“.

As I write this, the Trump/team is slow on making arrangements to fill the slots of staff and to make contact with agencies. Instead of filling these positions, what if Trump/team plan to dismantle the whole, “drain the swamp” (an inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy) – and create a new organization. Could a new POTUS demand new patterns of relationship with the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, etc.?

Most really important issues facing the USA were never part of the campaigns. Where some were briefly mentioned, they were trivialized and misrepresented. Yet, most Americans believed that the so-called issues that were discussed ARE what is most important. As important as those issues that now impact persons and families are (e.g. “rights”), they will be moot given the major Crisis-of-Crises unfolding everywhere on Planet Earth. The true Magnitude/Scope/Complexity of our Crisis-of-Crises is beyond the ability of most humans to comprehend; and will continue to be outside the deliberated concerns of governments (and media).

Today, the USA is far, far from what the MSM (including entertainment) presents to the population – and it is only through media that persons can learn of life beyond their immediate environment.  The alternative media (cyberspace) can provide some other information, but no one can learn what is really going on “at the top”. Furthermore, most Americans haven’t learned what to look for and have been propagandized to believe myths fed to them.  One example is the technological reality of JOBS in the tailwind of technological advancements.  The decaying infrastructure of the USA makes us very fragile. Many of our communities have militarized police that prey on their populations. Etc.

I could go on, outlining other dimensions of the USA that reveals it, to not be as “good” as we believe it to be – a “system” to trust in the future. On some dimensions, other nations are better than us. For example, health care. But, no nations, no governmental or economic systems are improving so we can succeed in facing our Crisis-of-Crises.
There are no CAUSES to what is happening in the USA and Gaia.

A “SYSTEM” of enormous Magnitude/Scope/Complexity “EMERGES”. This emergence is a continuation of the evolutionary processes within our Living Gaia, modified by many fundamental innovations accompanying the emergence of humankind within Gaia. There were no definitive causes to the phenomenon of Elections 2016 in the USA.  There were many interacting factor involved, “countervailing forces”, their “interference” often as relevant as the factors themselves. For example, the “media” impacts everything else, and is itself the result of the interaction of many other factors. The education/knowledge of each citizen is a primary variable.  Can “democracy” really exist without a fully competent citizenry?

Of primary concern to me, is the shift of personal wrlds to extreme polarization bordering on WARFARE TO THE DEATH, between “worldviews”. Recently, Jonathan Haidt, in a TED interview, characterizes this shift in the USA effecting more than half the population, as one of deep disgust.. I have long worried of an outcome analogous to the civilwar/genocide in Rwanda, occurring in the USA.

Social media in cyberspace is an ideal “pressure cooker” for runaway madness, as is evidenced when reading the viscous tweets and FaceBook comment threads. Now we witness the explosion of Fake News and Fake Scientific Reports. These fuel The Donald, as much as The Donald fuels his audiences.

There is a positive side to the recent happenings. There is clear evidence that our Sci/Tech knowledge about humans and human change is grossly inadequate to our needs. This realization, requires that we attend to OUR inadequacies and dysfunctions, and begin applying our best in bootstrapping OURSELVES to greater and greater competencies/knowledge. The “OUR” refers to the small number of positive change agents aware of this; we cannot expect to convince the majority at this time.

We need to better comprehend OUR emergence, and the future emergence of Humankind into Humanity. We can influence the directions of change within an emerging nu SYSTEM. What we can’t do is successfully TRANSFORM existing societal systems. The ascendance of Trump and his supporters (85% of the land area voting Trump, 46% of the voting population voting Trump) renders the transformation of humankind more unlikely (it can emerge by metamorphosis, transformation is not the only option).

The USA will be different depending on its POTUS and other political factors. Different peoples will gain or lose. What we cannot say is which will be better for us, and the whole of humankind, in the more distant future. In my view, all the existing models for governance and economics are inadequate for our survival/thrival. Take this setback as a warning sign that we have been deluding ourselves that we have been doing what we need to do. Humankind today possesses vast potentials to creatively emerge a nu humanity in the midst of our decaying humankind (societal environment).

I call for this option to be explored.


Why do Americans tolerate
a severely flawed electoral process and democracy?

This must be a query, not a question,
as there are no short and concise answers.

Most persons only grok the inadequacy and
usually accept a simplistic faux reason or
unproven (or proven invalid) solutions.

Even I, only now,
sit down to collect all the dots and
begin discovering different ways of connecting them
(discovering how differ issues impact each other).


No Constitutional Means to Correct the Following:

    Electoral College Flawed
    Other Structural Dysfunctions
    States Ability to Hack Federal Elections
    Hacking Final Vote Counts
    Money Buys Influence
    Corporate Influence
    Criminal Exploitation
    Agency Influence
    Conspiratorial Gangs

        Informal groups in an agency, pentagon, or other org “conspire” to act outside rules and standards. Through various means these “gangs” can significantly influence the actions of the formal org for which they are parts.

Example: subgroups in the FBI force release of information and claim independence of POTUS.
Example: subgroup of legislators block selection of SCOTUS member.

    Limiting Franchise & Suppressed Voting
    Deceptive Media
    Deceptive & Greedy Politicians
    Inadequate and Deceptive Civics Education
    Competitive Dominance in Decision-Making
    Gridlock Permitted
    Propaganda Supported False Exceptionalism
    Flawed and Inadequate Constitution for Today
    Grossly Inadequate Knowledge & Wisdom Distribution in Population
    Educational/Media System Structured to Keep Population Ignorant


Living Organism or Deterministic Machine


Those persons with naive, “spiritual” perspectives, favor imagining societal systems as living organisms. Their visions may be good, but their assessment of humans, human nature, and humankind-as-a-whole-sysnet-holarchy is grossly inadequate. This is not a fault of these good persons, but due to our general false assumption that humans persons with tribal brains can function independently in societal systems of great Magnitude/Scope/Complexity (MSC).

I once contributed to this perspective when supporting James Greer Miller’s LIVING SYSTEMS model of a (nested) holarchy of holons (systems). The model starts with the cell, progressing upward through tissues, organs, functional subsystems, autonomous organisms. Then on to higher holons as societal organizations, such as governments and corporations. Earlier, Lewis Mumford posited the city as the first machine.

Today, with digital intelligent technology, some debate the coming Singularity when our AI Machines dominate.  Might we view our societal structures as machines where humans are programmed to perform mechanistic roles. We are often not competent in performing our roles, and the “organic” (living systems) nature of social (as distinct from societal) often interferes with the “smooth functioning” or our societal machines.

Much of the time, we  humans perform as complex Stimulus/Response Mechanisms. We react as to “who we are” at the moment. “Who we are” can be influenced by our creativity; but our “story” of always “freely” deciding between alternative behaviors is mostly myth.

Human “creativity” in artistic and sci/tech domains is both “real” and “contingent”; and not automatically transferred to moment-by-moment willfulness in everyday living.

All our categories are imposed by humankind struggling for adequate comprehension of their inner, created/emerged “wrlds”, hypothetically embedded in objective worlds of great MSC. Living and Mechanical are useful conceptual tools. Out there, in an objective reality (which need not totally follow our so-called, discovered rules or scientific laws), of which we never have direct contact/knowledge, there need not “BE” living things and non-living things.

Students of humankind have highlighted the strong influence of our technological competencies, going back to our tribal times. We have created material structures of great complexity and have become highly dependent on them. Some would say humankind is a cyborg = Human/Machine. I am attempting to call attention to our visual language, our semfields, as a unique innovation in the overall structure/process of Gaia.  WE are an emergent triad: Human/Machine/Text.

It is important that we examine the Trump Phenomenon from this expanded context. Even the very best analyses of 2016 fail dramatically in connecting the dots or acknowledging unspoken contexts.

What Next? Is Highly Uncertain!

Almost all of our institutions and cultural processes appear (to me, as) grossly inadequate to our needs in these times, of Crisis-of-Crises.

Yet, I continue to be shocked by how I can easily be captured by the dynamics of the moment. Although highly critical of the electoral process, and not liking Hillary, I never explored what a Trump POTUS might imply. Unconsciously I assumed Hillary’s election. I was swayed by the media to consider ALL Trump supporters as “deplorable” (because they were able to “accept” the dysfunctional Trump).

Contrary to my colleagues, I found many of Trump’s critiques of contemporary American valid, although wrapped in an abhorrent context. I welcomed his willingness to challenge USA establishment assumptions about the intentions of Russia and China.

I came to comprehend Donald Trump as a psychologically dysfunctional human, literally incapable of functioning as POTUS. This evaluation is totally independent of his ideologies acquired during his life with father and business. I sense his being overwhelmed  by his new status, and highly vulnerable to manipulation. Donald’s intention to really help all Americans may be very real. He has many times acknowledged that his use of loopholes gave him the ability to close them. Donald Trump is not a demon. The systems converging around him are demonic.

If Basic Fundamentals of THE USA are not radically changed in the next four years, Donald Trump may be replaced as POTUS by a Democrat in 2020. Can the Democrats and some American persons block negative fundamental change during a Trump Administration? Time will tell.

Nuet on Trump – The Phenomenon

Donald Trump as POTUS may, in the longterm, be better for Humankind/Gaia than a Hillary Clinton POTUS.

All along the campaign, this was my speculation. I voted for Hillary because I was lazy. The near future under a Trump POTUS will not be pleasant for many, and my own life and efforts re UPLIFT may not be so easy.

In Nuet’s analysis, there has been insufficient vitality and viability in the “progressive movements”, including those about Climate Change and Human Livelihood.

Contemporary movements for change are as wimps compared to the anti-war and civil rights movements – even with enhanced technology. Contemporary activity may be stronger in objective terms, but relative to the circumstances and need, they are lacking – and showing no evidence of improving.

Trump supporters were unable to evaluate whether Trump could actually do what he proposed. What to do after the Swamp is Drained? The same for Hillary supporters: how will she be able to do what Obama didn’t do? The vast majority of voters can’t comprehend how complex societal systems function and change.

We can best comprehend this lack by viewing each person as a whole internalized “wrld” and not as autonomous persons living in a common, objective “world”. This distinction may be subtle, but possibly very significant.

Donald is a dysfunctional person; he is not a fascist – but could be manipulated by fascists.

There are two Donalds to be concerned about.

The first Donald is the severely dysfunctional person, lacking the competencies to perform as POTUS, and be open to mistakes that could be serious.

The second Donald is the person-in-society with many, negative acquired traits – such as racism, sexism, and greed.

Lessons Learned:

There are no reliable experts on human systems.

We have reliable experts on tech systems not having humans as components.

Generalizing: The Sci/Tech of Human Systems is vastly inferior to the Sci/Tech of systems not involving humans as components.

Hypothesis: The Sci/Tech of Human Systems has not basically progressed in millennia. Contemporary Human Systems may be more powerful because of their use of non-human Sci/Tech (which has advanced, exponentially).

The failure of polls reflects, more generally, on the failure of our “best” models of human behavior and change. Actually, the results were within the statistical predictions by the polls. It was our limited human statistical intuition that resulted in our interpreting the poles as predictive of outcome.

Trump’s success is also evidence of this. His “style” accidentally resonated with a popular need.

There are no primary causes for Trump success and Hillary failure.

Note: Trump is last name, Hillary is first name. Implications?

Experts and pundits propose their favorite CAUSES.

The many factors, their distribution and interaction, makes the election a phenomenon without clear/clean causes.

This is typical of our reality.

The roles of corporate/financial economy on the election process was not even mentioned in either campaign – other than use of the terms “Wall Street” and “Election Financing”.

Humans are programmed to seek only a few fundamental causes, which evolved for tribal situations.

Most situations today are beyond the capacity of human persons to adequately comprehend.

Most contemporary humans are “stupid”, and even the best have many limitations.

Most humans have no accurate conception of large social and societal systems; they imagine them as big families.

Analyze human statements – most so, so far “out of context”. Try working backwards from these statements to the reality experienced that supports such statements. This includes experts and pundits, as well a persons off the street. Our inner “wrlds”, that provide context for our experiences and actions, are severely limited – when it comes to societal issues.

“Interpretation” doesn’t exist; REALITY, for each person, is directly experienced as inner woven wrlds, patterns of neural-molecular processes in each person’s body/brain. This subtle distinction may be very important.  Informing (via messages) won’t change wrlds.

No one is to blame, gaining appropriate competency is not easy or natural, and not supported by our societal systems.

Democracy, as practiced, is a major fraud; yet promoted as THE SOLUTION to a better future.  (explication elsewhere)

Alternative Futures

Trump vanishes.

By assassination or criminal convictions, Donald Trump is removed from POTUS. He may also simply QUIT.
He doesn’t want the job/responsibility.
Trump is PAID to resign.
We may have even worse problems without Trump.

Agencies attempt to control/remove Trump.

CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon seem to be beyond the control of POTUS.

Trump is manipulated/orchestrated brilliantly.

Trump (+ supporting orgs) block USA imperialism, and catalyze multiple power center futures.

Trump may be good for Climate Change.

I go beyond Naomi Kline and am deeply convinced that humankind won’t survive climate change unless it abandons both “capitalism” and “electoral democracy”, which are now as Siamese Twins. Furthermore, the nu societal systems (local to global) must (collectively) be capable of deciding what to do and then do it. And, for this, the distributed competencies of the global population must be significantly uplifted (more than simply educated). Viable, “participatory democracy” requires competent and knowledgeable citizens – who would never tolerate the corruption and deception of “electoral democracy”.

Speculation. With a mix of competitive cultures/societies within a “nation” (a societal system often imposed from the outside, often after wars), the “best” society may be an enlightened dictatorship. The examples were Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Libya under Muammar al-Qaddaffi.  Just before their overthrow (from the outside) they were the “best” developing nations in their regions about personal freedom and well being of those citizens who supported them (because of the peace and prosperity  – and which were a majority). They were dictatorially violent against those who threatened their rule, for which – in an imperfect world – can be justified. The USA and NATO (desiring regime change consistent with their globalization strategy) supported rebels that required the dictators to up their oppression of rebels, creating a rationale for intervention/invasion. Look at Turkey today as how an “electoral democracy” can go wrong.

Periodic mass elections create the false myth of citizen participation in governance. Corporate lobbyists have realtime influence on governments; citizens only periodically, usually with a pre-selected set of options.

Today, no major government or corporation is competent or “free” to do what is needed (and their reform to adequate competency is systemically blocked). The deep inter dependency of component systems prohibits such actions. Furthermore, this SYSTEM cannot be reformed, anymore than you can transform a tractor into a horse. Even those orgs most active and committed can’t do what is needed; let alone those who actively deny and sabotage actions to stop catastrophic climate change.

Obama and Gore lack sufficient vision. Periodic conferences on global issues are systemically unable to SEAF necessary human processes needed to resolve major issues. ONLY when the elites give up their privilege and power will change be sufficient. Even those many NOT POOR will resist the level of changes needed.

With the USA controlled by climate deniers, committed activists may re-examine what changes are REALLY needed and begin the OLLO process to accomplish these goals. OLLO = Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing.

They may discover and accept that the first challenge is to change the human system so it will be competent for changing the human/Gaian interface.

Scientists and engineers could discover what is needed but wouldn’t be able to get humankind to do it.

Humankind should continue R&D for working with the human/Gaian interface; but the primary effort must be the Social/Cultural Metamorphosis of humankind – independent of the specifics of Gaia.  Sorry, but relating better with Nature won’t necessarily give humans the competencies to migrate to a radically different lifestyle.

What is needed cannot be supported by established systems (that must later be abandoned).

Nor will mass, grassroots movements lead to sufficient change – as their strategy is to force established systems to change. The metaphor of a lawn of grass masks the great diversity of humans required – which already exists in potential (but suppressed).

The best analog for the emergence of Humanity is the growth/development of a nu human from conception to birth. Instead of cell division (the biological process to increase/organize the members), persons in the emergent Humanity invite/orient new recruits from the general population. In this they are seafed (supported, enabled, augmented, facilitated) by the well organized sysnet of already existing members of the embryonic Humanity emergent within collapsing civilizations.

In summary, Trump’s denial may be the catalyst for Climate Activists to scale up their visions and strategies towards sufficient action.

The System will Survive – Maybe it Shouldn’t ?

Media pundits attempt to comfort us by claiming the our SYSTEM will survive Trump, as it has survived other bad presidents.

They assume that our SYSTEM was, and is, the very best. On many traits the USA is deep down in the listings. Our composed history is one long coverup. True, no society or nation is perfect, and all coverup their negative (and continuing) records.

Our current SYSTEM is very far from what we need to survive/thrive our challenges, current and future. All leaders are incapable of honestly facing our authentic Crisis-of-Crises. Their mind/brains permit them to comprehend only to a level where a “solution” can be imagined.

Unfortunately, our Crisis-of-Crises is a problematique, for which the interaction of problems is often as critical as the problems themselves, and no set of “solutions” (treated independently) can suffice. Many decades ago The Club of Rome labeled our “condition” a Problemateque, requiring a Solutionateque; to no avail as we are all mind/brain limited – in practice – to the Problem/Solution paradigm for doing and the Question/Answer paradigm for learning.

Our current gridlock is systemic – and can only get worse. The UNITED States is dead, a zombie walks the Earth.


Dear Friends, I don’t know where your minds are today. Mine is roaming new territories, discovery nu domains of reality emerging within humankind.  Amidst decay at every fractal-like level and place on planet Earth there is an equivalently massive explosion of new creativity of such variation to challenge our imaginations.

Kevin Kelly, in THE INEVITABLE, exposes me to the magnitude beyond BIG that has occurred and is occurring in the realm of digital creation. We have no useful access to this rapidly emergent nu reality – and hope we can soon, or it may destroy us.  The near infinity that EACH of us encounters, as we extrapolate, our positive “ignorance”, from what we know, is but a small part of a much bigger infinity. [Infinity is a process, not a number.]

Quoting from Chapter 7, FILTERING: “An exhilarating avalanche of new stuff is created every year. Every 12 months we produce 8 million new songs, 2 million new books, 16,000 new films, 30 billion blog posts, 182 billion tweets, 400,000 new products. About 180 million songs have been recorded on the planet.” All this with only a small percent of the population creating. The interactivity of these creators is minimal.  Imagine everyone uplifted and organized.

My latest insight is that humankind lacks CYBERNETIC BALANCE.


I propose that humankind has grown in terms of population and global distribution to form cultural/societal systems where the cybernetic competencies of both individual human persons and human social systems are not adequate to “handle” the information flows required for sustainability and viability of the whole of humankind, and major subsystems. Humanity must be designed to account for the real distribution of cybernetic competencies of humans, even when uplifted.


In a new humanity, humans agree to make social or societal decisions only if they adequately comprehend the issues and consequences. Our skin, bone, blood, and stomach cells don’t make decisions about our brains, lungs, or hearts! Some decisions require trained crews as unit decision-makers; individual humans lack the competency. Currently no human social system is cybernetically competent.  Each of us must learn our responsible functions in Humanity, unlearn our obsolete beliefs, and propagate this change, augmented virally, through the whole population.

CYBERNETIC UPLIFT has only to be ignited/catalyzed, meta-managed via OLLO, and it will sweep contemporary humankind in a decade.

————– discovering nu domains/disciplines:

I encountered this on TEXTURE as 4th Order Cybernetics. ( I just learned there are 3d and 4th orders of cybernetics.) It reminds me of Alex’s art.  I have no comprehension of what this says; as I have not studied it.

And, this long article seems from an alien reality:

I grok the proposal that we need to explore our realities with different topological contexts, and not assume the Flat Cartesian; but have no idea of what that would entail.  I skimmed this whole, long doc and read sentences here and there.  Yet, there is not one sentence in this long doc that has closure of meaning for me.  Each sentence seems to link – for meaning – to other parts of the document.  I first thought this doc a hoax, but then discovered that IOP is the Institute of Physics. Might this text be written on a different topology?  IOP has had an explosion of journals & books in the last decade:

Another wild one, with reference to Doug Hofstadter:

I have no time to explore these, and am more curious as to how such nu knowledge is exploding in other disciplines, sub-disciplines and sub-sub-disciplines. Do you detect a “strangeness” in these?